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Osamu Akimoto kochikame author is going to publish 4 Manga in 2017

Osamu Akimoto kochikame author

Osamu Akimoto kochikame author Well guys talk about dedication, Kochikame just ended and now the author of Kochikame Osamu Akimoto is planning to launch 4 new Manga series next year! Well guys  don’t get surprised until you get detailed news!

Osamu Akimoto kochikame author publishes 4 new Manga

This year’s 42nd issue of Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine is announcing on Saturday that Osamu Akimoto the author of Kochikame is going to publish four new manga next year for Shueisha’s four different publications.

Well but these are not necessarily stories it will be short stories. The titles of these four new Manga are also revealed, following are the names :-

  1. Kyoto Jogakuin Monogatari Finder (Kyoto Girls Academy Story Finder)
  2. Mr. Clice
  3. Black Tiger
  4. Ii Yu Da Ne!

Also following are the synopsis of these four new Manga :-

  • Kyoto Jogakuin Monogatari Finder – Will center around girls academy on the outskirts of Kyoto and this manga will run in weekly shounen jump magazine.
  • Mr. Clice – This manga will run in jump square, the manga is action comedy manga and will focus on Jim clice, a Japanese secret agent with the body of a woman but the mind of a man.
  • Black Tiger –  This manga will run in grand Grand Jump, and will be set in wasteland where survival is a struggle. The main character of this new manga will be a beautiful gunslinger girl who travels the frontier. Overall its a “Voilence Gun Manga.”
  • Ii Yu Da Ne! – This Manga will be sequel to Kochikame and it will run in Ultra Jump, the only thing is this time the main character will be beautiful foreigner girl. It is set in a “Bath House” adjacent to then police station located in Tokyo’s Shitamachi Area.


Seriously, Osamu Akimoto is a man of dedication after serializing Kochikame for 40 years along with the different series he was writing. He ended all his series and now he is already focusing on 4 different new Manga, that will run for Shueisha’s four different publications!

It doesn’t matter even those are not series but short stories! One can still cannot ignore the level of dedication he shows to his work, his passion! So a big Salute from me and entire team of Otaku Vines!

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