Pokemon Generatons

Pokemon Generations – New Anime will launch on Youtube

Pokemon Generations – A new 18 episode series of short timed episodes i.e 3-5 min short episodes called Pokemon generations will premier in English on their official youtube channel on Friday. Announced the “Pokemon International company.”

The first two episode of the series will debut on Friday on their youtube channel and as i mentioned earlier, The series will have total 18 episodes. Earlier Pokemon Origins was launched which featured Red and Blue and now this time once again we might see Red and Blue once again because the Anime trailer below shows them!

Pokemon Generations – New Short Anime

The Anime is going to cover stories from first six generations of Pokemon games, The international pokemon company describes the series as :-

“Pokemon generations  looks back at each generation of the Pokemon video game series, diving into the stories of the games more deeply and getting to know characters and Pokemon better. Visit each region, from Kanto to Kalos, to relive the world of Pokemon like never before!”

Watch the trailer of new series here!

The trailer on the official channel was deleted for some or another reason, so we took the trailer from another channel. So thanks game trailer zone for uploading the trailer once again!

The concept art released by the company!

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Alright before i go and give my opinion on this one, let me tell you that in the trailer of this new Anime we also see characters from Pokemon XYZ and Diamond and Pearl. So guys its not only Red and Blue i am excited for!


While we are disappointed with Ash loosing in Pokemon league once again, and on top of it we got new Anime Pokemon Sun and Moon coming right in November! We will get to see the epicness of red once again with this new 18 episodes of anime! Well i really can’t wait to see this new Anime.

Anyways do tell me what you guys think about this news, because the trailer of this new Anime series looks awesome. Its definitely got my hopes up now!! Also personally, i prefer Red over Ash because he is fast on his feet and don’t waste time and on top of that he wins every battle cached all 150 pokemons. And now he is coming to new region!!

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