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Pokemon Sun and Moon – New Anime will focus on Ash’s life in school!

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Wow Ash will finally go to school after all these years, So Pokemon is ready to break its tradition and show some normal but realistic aspects of life. Thinking back Ash or Satoshi whatever you want to call him has never aged ever since Pokemon series began, he is still the 10 year old boy we know who dreams of becoming a pokemon master.

Update – Watch Pokemon Sun and Moon first promotional video

Considering the recent result of Pokemon league championships. Ash went to the finals and was very close to winning the championship but he lost and became the second runner up. Which is the best he did compared to the other pokemon league performances of ash. And now we have news about new season in which Ash goes to school like any other normal kid and decides to graduate and that’s just Wow ! Why? lets discuss below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon the new series!

The October issue of this year’s Shogakukan’s coro coro comics magazine, apparently reveals that the Nintendo 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon will be getting Anime adaptation. The synopsis of the new series also states that, Satoshi or Ash will go to new region called Alola region. Where he will encounter Kapu Kokeko, a god who protects the Alola region.

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Visual
Pokemon Sun and Moon – Visual

The announcement also reveals that Ash will go to school in the series, and the series will follow his school activities as he aims to graduate. The new key visual was revealed in the October’s issue of this year’s Shogakukan’s coro coro comics magazine. The Anime will debut in Japan and North America on November 18th and then later in Europe on November 23rd.

(Source – ANN)


Before i give you my opinion on this news, first let me tell you that many fans speculated Serena and Ash to be in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime but it looks like this is not going to happen, Since the new Key visual shows nothing about Serena and fans are speculating now that she is not going to come with Ash in Alola region.

Update – Watch Pokemon Sun and Moon first promotional video

So those who were expecting some romantic development between Ash and Serena, If this news of Serena not being in Alola region with Ash is 100% true then i am sorry for you guys. As for me it looks like i am really going to enjoy this series now that they are breaking the usual tradition of Pokemon.

Update – Watch Pokemon Sun and Moon first promotional video

See normally when a new Pokemon Anime starts Ash and his friends always head to new region to compete in Pokemon league. So the usual pattern is Ash and his friends to new region, captures new pokemon, battle team rocket as always and then defeats gym leaders and then win all the pokemon badges and compete in pokemon league which is where Ash always looses.

Update – Watch Pokemon Sun and Moon first promotional video

And now they are showing Ash’s life as normal school student who aims to graduate, it will be fun to see how this new series is going to be. Anyways guys tell me what you think about this news via comments, i would definitely like to hear your views!

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