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Pokemon Sun and Moon 1st promo shows Ash in school – Watch Now!!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Visual

Pokemon Sun and Moon 1st promo – Few days ago i wrote a post on new Pokemon Anime coming in November 23 after Pokemon XYZ which will portray Ash’s life in school in Alola region where he decides to study and graduate properly like a normal student. This Anime is based on game called Pokemon Sun and Moon and its kinda break tradition of regular Pokemon series we have watched until now.

The regular Pokemon anime tradition was – when ash and his friends completes their journey of one region everyone returns home and then they meet up again and their journey to new reason starts. For the entire span of 2 decades or 20 years Pokemon is following this pattern. Now in this new Anime ash wants to go to proper school and graduate like any other normal kid is like breaking the tradition they have been following for almost  20 years.

This news received some mixed reviews 50% thought its going to be fun and 50% thought its going to be dumb. I personally thought that this was going to be fun to watch, because we will finally get to see Ash’s life in school. But after looking at the first ever promotional video of Pokemon sun and moon, I’ve to admit that this looks dumb.

Pokemon Sun and Moon 1st promo video

Apparently the number of dislikes are more on than the number of likes on Youtube and the video is receiving lot of negative criticism from fans who has been sticking with Pokemon for all these years and even the majority of Japanese audience is not happy with new series after seeing the promotional video!

The synopsis of the new series states that, Satoshi or Ash will go to new region called Alola region. Where he will encounter Kapu Kokeko, a god who protects the Alola region.


Seriously now this whole new series looks like they have made it for kids below 10 with Ash going super saiyan in promo and acting like dumb kid, this is all messed up!! Oh and Serina and Ash shippers i am feel sorry for you guys from the bottom of my heart but Serena is not going to be in series and the promotional video just proved it!!

Pokemon sun and moon 1st promo
Pokemon sun and moon 1st promo

Anyways this whole thing is huge disappointment according to me. And i am definitely going to skip this series. So do tell me your views on this one! and what you think about this series!

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