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Top 5 Hated Characters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Top 5 Hated Characters – Naruto was a good anime series Naruto Shippuden was also a good Anime series, yes it was a good series, if it wasn’t for filler episodes that completely took over the series. Anyways now that this entire Naruto Saga is coming to end, i thought it was a good chance to discuss about the hated characters in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. So here comes my list of Top 5 hated characters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Top 5 hated characters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

01. Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke - Top 5 Hated Characters
Uchiha Sasuke – Top 5 Hated Characters

Reason for hating – My reason for hating sasuke is not because he is ignorant or doesn’t care about anyone or always talk about hatred and revenge. I really started hating him because one decision he took, and that was reviving old kages through edo tensei and trying to find and gain information of shinobi’s from past.

When he did that i was like “damn Sasuke why didn’t you thought of this earlier?” Sasuke’s character was calm and calculating at start, he made decisions on analysis and never let his emotions take over his mind. He could have used his brain earlier to create a thorough analysis on why his brother whom he was so close with destroyed the clan and the family.

He knew his brother was kind and if he has taken such extreme step there might be a reason behind his actions. I know he was a kid when he saw annihilation of his family and clan and that drove him to revenge so he joined with orouchimaru. But he separated from him two years later after he was a grown up, using his own mind and strength. When Itachi died and he got to know truth he once again let his emotions take over and he started talking about taking revenge on konoha and then Itachi had to help him once again so that he can make his own decisions and that’s when he decided to see the past hokages.

My reaction to whole thing was like if you could have used your brain more efficiently like you always use it while you fight. You could have solved this problem earlier. But then again he came with great idea called revolution and dictatorship. Sasuke’s character was smart but as the series progressed it became more and more dumb, a little thinking and research could have given sasuke all answers he needs and the shinobi world could have been saved earlier than it was planned. And now at the end he blames entire shinobi world for not solving the problem, I was like sasuke first look at you and blame others.

02. Uchiha Obito

Uchiha Obito - Top 5 Hated Characters
Uchiha Obito – Top 5 Hated Characters

Reason for hating – Now i know everyone is going to argue with me and hate me for this but i have my reasons of hating him. We all knew that, It was Madara’s influence that was controlling his sense of justice and emotions. But a person with a strong sense of justice and a vision for good world should not doubt his own value, ideals and logic just because someone is telling him.

Instead he should find reasoning on his on his own and make a valid decision, but just like sasuke, Obito let his emotions take over his ideals and logic after he saw Rin dying and he just turned whole world upside down just because she died, She was not even his love but childhood crush. OK, for a moment i will admit that his love for Rin was deep but that doesn’t give him right to destroy the world, he could have changed the world for good if would have gotten back to the village but he neglected that choice and chose to destroy the world.

Even Kakashi was in the same position but he waited for the right chance that would guided him to take the right decisions, not like obito who immediately let his emotions took over and chose to destroy the world. At the end when Obito died finally, i felt sympathy and pity for him but not more than that!

03. Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura - Top 5 Hated Characters
Haruno Sakura – Top 5 Hated Characters

Reason for hating – Now this is not the hate similar to what “Sakura Haters” show normally, its bit logical. I personally feel that Sakura’s character was great but as the story progressed i felt she had great potential but it was not utilized. In Naruto i hated her for being “Ignorant” and a girl who knows nothing and acts high and mighty, sticks to sasuke and cry.

Things started to change when Sasuke left the village and she decided to train under Tsunade. And at the start of Naruto Shippuden i had great expectation when i saw how strong she has became, although one thing that didn’t change how useless she was when it came to brink back sauske on the right path. She could have done everything she could just to bring sasuke on right track and make him realize his mistakes, Just like Naruto did. But hey her resolve for confronting Sasuke was lacking whenever she saw sasuke. I felt nothing but wastage of her potential, Despite being the main girl of the series her potential was wasted and she was put to no use on top of it her character development when it comes to romance was “Zero.”

Somewhat i felt sympathy for Sakura, but she just did one mistake and because of which my hate for her became permanent. First she was ignorant about Naruto’s feelings for her, and when she finally knew, she decided to take the burden off his shoulders by falsely proposing him and showing that she doesn’t love sasuke any more? I was like Sakura just realize that your own resolve for confronting Sasuke is lacking and by falsely proposing Naruto you are making things more worse, Naruto will think that now its his responsibility to bring Sasuke back and that’s what happened!!

04. Danzo

Danzo - Top 5 Hated Characters
Danzo – Top 5 Hated Characters

Reason for hating – I feel Danzo is a character made for hating, Because this guy had a hand in every scandal that created so many villains with motive of destroying the Konoha, all this just because he wanted power! First it was Uchiha Shisui he was responsible for his death and then the Uchiha Clan – Because how he treated them Uchiha’ s decided to rebel, He ordered Itachi to spy an annihilate the clan and that drove sasuke for revenge. He was responsible for Kabuto loosing his family and mother, He was responsible for the misunderstanding between Hanzo and Yahiko and because of which Yahiko died. His ways were wrong but all he did was to protect Konoha but you can’t deny it that he was the ultimate scumbag.

05. Otsutsuki Kaguya

Otsutsuki Kaguya - Top 5 Hated Characters
Otsutsuki Kaguya – Top 5 Hated Characters

Reason for hating – I feel her entire existence useless and i think that she was created just for the plot purpose. Kauya as the final villain of the series was definitely not a good choice.

  1. She was not imposing and scary as Madara was.
  2. She didn’t have her own thinking abitlity and was beyond useless when it comes to make a right decision.
  3. She didn’t know how to fight.
  4. She relied on Black Zetsu a lot.

Her entire character was wasted beyond Sakura’s character that even feeling pity and sympathy for her would be useless.

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