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Animator Mai Matsuura – Speaks on low quality animation

Animator Mai Matsuura

Animator Mai Matsuura went on tweeting spree and finally speaks on the low quality animation in anime series nowadays. She even tells about the hectic work animators in Japan has to do! Following that she gives some opinion or advice to animation studios in Japan.

Animator Mai Matsuura

If you add all the continuing anime series, shorts and new anime series that came up this season. There might be 70 to 100 anime series. A number which is so high that an animator Mai Matsuura went on tweeting spree to speak and confess on the low quality animation in the anime series nowadays. She says that there aren’t enough of us to handle all these shows.

Matsuura broke down the numbers, writing that to do even 40 shows, which have about 300 shots per episode, totals 12,000 shots. If you ask each key framer to do 30 shots, that means you need 400 animators. That doesn’t include openings, endings or theatrical films, much less getting a head start on next season, she added in another tweet.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Goku Black
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Goku Black

Animator Mai Matsuura is now working as a key animator in dozens of anime series, but previously she was chief animation director for Shokugeki No Soma and then later worked on Character designer for King of Prism.

The animator further added that she would like to see those in charge would reconsider the number of series animated. Considering the huge gap between what’s being planned and the man power available for work. One more potential advice she gave in order to solve the problem is – Studios should hire their own dedicated animation staff rather than relying on freelancers. And one that professionals from across the industry have been calling on more studios to take up.

The advice she gave is followed by the most respected and reputated studios that includes “Kyoto Animation” as well and many more studios.

[Source – Yaraon and Otaku Sama Magazine]

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