Bleach live action movie shoot images from the set – Looks like cosplay!!

Bleach live action movie shoot images – Well today i came across a thread on Bleach live action movie, topic of discussion was “Images of Bleach live action movie shooting.” Which features Fukushi Sota playing the lead role of Kurosaki Ichigo and it looks like cosplay

Bleach live action movie shoot images

Bleach live action movie shoot images
Bleach live action movie shoot images

Images are taken from this thread – “Bleach live action movie adaptation – Images from set


To be honest, they have the right costume and right sword. However since those are images taken live from the sets, it looks more like a cosplay. It will look more better, in the actual movie. Since they will edit the scenes and will make it look much better with all the VFX and Graphics.

To be honest i was not expecting a multi-million dollar set or anything and this movie looks like its made on a stable budget. Right now its not a good thing to comment on the quality of the movie since we have not seen the actual product. Well, so lets keep clam and wait for the trailer.

Now regarding the main lead who plays Kurosaki Ichigo’s role in the movie, it would have been the best thing if he would have built himself a little bit since he looks way to thin for the role of Kurosaki Ichigo.

The 38th issue of Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine announced the news of Bleach live action movie adaptation. Along with that it was also announced that “Fukushi Sota” will play the lead role of Kurosaki Ichigo. The movie is scheduled to release in 2018. Not much information was revealed after that and we still don’t have any news n the return of Bleach Anime.

So what do you think about the images taken from the sets of Bleach live action movie. I would gladly like to hear your views on it!

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