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Dragon ball gets an entire department in Shueisha that focuses on series!!

Dragon ball department

Dragon ball – Well well guys, Dragon ball is now huge once again! Japanese Manga Publishing Company Shueisha is announcing on Wednesday, at new public presentation in Tokyo. That it has created an entirely new department call “Dragon ball Room” which only focuses on “Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Property which includes Anime and its sequels.”

Dragon ball department – details

Akio Iyoku, the editor in cheif of Shueisha’s V Jump Magazine, where Toriyama and Toyotaro’s dragon ball super manga is serialized, will be the head of this new department called “Dragon ball Room.”

Dragon ball department - Dragon ball Super
Dragon ball department – DB Super

The department does the job of providing the ideas and new content for the series, overall it will do the job of optimizing the content and expand the brand. Akio Iyoku commented that the department will only focus and think of Dragon ball series.

Also Toriyama commented on the new department and its team, saying that the team is the one which he could trust completely. He further comments jokingly, “its good, now i don’t have to do anything!”

[Source: The Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web via Hachima Kikō and ANN]


Since Toriyama and Shueisha decides the original plot of the episodes of Super, the quality of the DBanime series will escalate even more under the guidance of this new department. Also the chances for this to happen is like 50-50 but we soon might get an improved Animation quality in the DBSuper Anime too!

With the future trunks arc the popularity of the series is now at peak, not only in Japan but in west and other asian countries too. Realizing the weight of its popularity, Shueisha decided to make a separate department dedicated for the series. On my part this was quite a surprising announcement, but its good that they decided to do something like this with the series. Toriyama was himself not happy with the way Anime series is animated and the way the story was written. So i guess to focus on increasing the quality of animation and story they decided to make this department.

So what do you think of this news? i will be glad to hear your views on it!

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