Dragon Ball Super 62 – Trunks vs Black Trunks’s new form explained!!

Dragon ball Super 62 – Last week in Dragon ball super episode 61, we got to know how Zamasu initiated his plans and how Black Goku was formed. On top of it we also got to see trunks new transformation which was fusion of super saiyan and super saiyan blue. We explained what’s new form of trunks is with a theory based on Goku’s technique which was fusion of Kioken and Super saiyan blue.

Dragon ball Super 62 Episode review

No explanation was given on what kind of transformation trunks went through, even in today’s latest episode however we confirmed few things that proves our theory based on Kioken X Super Saiyan blue fused power was right. Read more about that theory here – Trunks new transformation is a hint to new level of super saiyan!

Trunks new form explained

OK, as i said earlier trunks new transformation is similar to, Goku’s technique “Kioken X Super Saiyan blue fused power.” So to explain that first its important to know that Super saiyan and Super saiyan Blue are two different powers, triggered by two different emotions. Super saiyan is triggered by anger and Super saiyan Blue is triggered by clam mind.

Trunks new transformation is the fused version of these two different power. Old Supreme Kai said that, Goku was not able to fuse Kioken with Super saiyan because of following reason :-

Trunks new transformation
Trunks new transformation

To use Kaioken your mind should be calm and to use Super saiyan you use anger to trigger it. Positive and Negative energies repel each other. Even if Goku tried to use it, he would die. However the same principle does not apply to Super saiyan and Super saiyan Blue.

Trunks power up resulted into fusion of these two different powers and Since the “Ki of God” has more power than normal super saiyan, the new transformation of trunks was similar to that of another power boost which is quite unstable.

Why unstable?

Trunks was able to achieve the Ki of god but he was not able to harness the power properly. So the Ki is merely acting as a catalyst for boosting up the super saiyan form. However he is able to trigger that form on his will and that form looks quite powerful than the original super saiyan blue. If only he can harness the power he achieved he would have transformed into something else.

Dragon ball Super Episode 61 - Trunks new transformation
Dragon ball Super Episode 61 – Trunks new transformation

As i said earlier, trunks now can trigger his new form at his will but because he is not able to harness it, as a result he can’t maintain it for long. So now the least thing he can do is to hold Zamasu and Black.

Trunks vs Black Goku and Zamasu

Trunks take on Black Goku and Zamasu and he puts a great fight. On the other hand, he knows that even he is powered up he can’t defeat Black and Zamasu with his strength alone. So he decides to hold them back and tells Vegeta and the others to go back to the past and think of a way to defeat Black and Zamasu.

Dragon ball super 62 Episode - Trunks new form
Dragon ball super 62 Episode – Trunks new form

Vegeta was quite hesitating but he realized that he has no choice when Goku told him that to say that we can only do this. So Vegeta and others return to the past.

Explaining things to everyone in the past

After returning to the past Bulma gets angry on Beerus for saying everything will change and for acting so laid back. She was almost going to hit Beerus but was stopped by Vegeta. The take Goku in medical care, While Vegeta explains everything to Beerus and Whis. After that they decide to go to Universe 10 once again, On the other hand Chi Chi and Gohan looks for Goku who has not returned home for a while.

Dragon ball super 62 Episode -Explaining things
Dragon ball super 62 Episode -Explaining things

Seeing Goten and Trunks going somewhere she follows them to Bulma’s place, Krillin and Piccolo arrives at her place too! Bulma and Vegeta explains everything, Piccolo realizes that there is one way to defeat them and he tells them about sealing technique called Mafuba. Which is used to seal people, But it has its own risks. Trunks and Goten urge to help but Bulma stops them.

What is Mafuba? or Evil containment wave?

If you have not watched the old Dragon ball Series in which Goku was a kid, then you might not know about this Mafuba technique. So allow me to give you a little history lesson, Back then when Goku was kid, King Piccolo (Piccolo’s father) terrorized the world. During that time Master Roshi’s sensei learned a sealing technique called Mafuba or the Evil containment wave and sealed King Piccolo in a container and died.

Dragon ball super 62 Episode - Mafuba
Dragon ball super 62 Episode – Mafuba

Yes Mafuba is a sealing technique which is used to seal evil beings but its forbidden to use because after using this people will die. So basically that’s a very risky technique! Muten roshi used it in the past on King piccolo and died. But he was revived by dragon ball. However if Goku uses it in future he would die for good and won’t be revived back because there is no dragon balls in future! I think if they tried to bring Goku back to life in past after everything is finished, the dragon won’t fulfill the wish because the timeline in which Goku died was different.

Learning Mafuba

Goku decides to ask Muten Roshi (Master Roshi) to teach him the technique, so he visits him. Seeing that Goku is in need of such risky technique makes him wonder who the hell he is fighting with? But seeing Goku’s resolution he decides him to teach the technique.

For someone of Goku’s level, this technique was quite easy for him to master, He masters the technique in just few period of time. On the other hand Vegeta once again decides to train alone!

Gowasu, Whis and Beerus plans something different

At the end of the episode we see Beerus and Whis discussing matters with Gowasu. Finally Gowasu agrees to do something to stop Zamasu and Black and that’s where the episode ends.

Wrapping up

So we are getting more reinforcement from the side of Universe 10. In next episode we have vegeta and trunks fighting Zamasu and Black. While Bulma visits some strange room!

Overall episode rating

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