Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Zamasu and Black Fusion

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 Review – Saiyan prince and Vegeto?

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 Review – In the last episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode i.e Dragon ball Super Episode 62 we found Trunks new transformation, and how he confronted Zamasu and Goku Black alone while Goku and others went back to past to think of the solution. In this episode Goku and others came back to confront Zamasu and Black Goku in future timeline.

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Dragon ball Super Episode 63 Review

As we are aware of the fact that Piccolo told Goku to use Mafuba to seal Zamasu and Black, so Goku went to master roshi to train, whereas Vegeta goes to Kami’s look out to train once again as he said that he would take on Black Goku before Goku seals him. Both of them completes their training and visits back to the future.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Goku and Vegeta
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Goku and Vegeta

On the other hand, trunks find out himself in the hideout and he was wounded in fight. It becomes clear that his new transformation was strong enough just to hold back Zamasu and Black Goku it was not strong enough to defeat them and with combined strength holding them back was even more troublesome, But trunks did an incredible job of holding them back until Goku and Vegeta arrives. So as trunks asks for Mai’s whereabouts he finds out that after she brought him back to the hideout she tailed Zamasu and Black Goku and tried to snipe Black Goku but that effort turned out to be a failure.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Trunks
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Trunks

She was about to die with energy blast that Zamasu and Black threw towards her but trunks came and saved her. Once again trunks confronted them to let Mai and others escape. In the meantime Vegeta and Goku arrives to the future in time machine. However Zamasu and Black Goku destroys the time machine so they can’t escape, Once again we see Goku’s careless attitude kicking in as he says that he forgot Mafuba jar in time machine.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Goku and Vegeta SSJ Blue
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Goku and Vegeta SSJ Blue

As Goku and Vegeta was getting ready to battle, Gowasu arrives with Supreme Kai Shin to the future using the time ring and tries to persuade Goku Black and Zamasu but that attempt was nothing but failure! Zamasu and Black tries to kill Gowasu and Supreme Kai Shin but Goku and Vegeta saved them. Goku and Vegeta tells Gowasu and others to go back to the past. But Gowasu decides to stay there to see the end of his foolish student! But before that Gowasu tells them “Its not to late revive the people you killed using dragon balls from this world but Gowasu was pretty surprised to know how evil his student is when Zamasu told him that he destroyed the dragon balls.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Vegeta vs Black
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Vegeta vs Black

The battle starts and Vegeta confronts Black while Goku fights the immortal Zamasu. Vegeta beat the shit out of Black and weakens him, Bulma decides to repair time machine which was destroyed by Zamasu and Black and gives the job of fixing Mafuba jar to Trunks. On the other hand, when Black asks for the difference in power, Vegeta answers – “You borrowed body of Goku which he trained it through countless battles he fought, but for you its just a borrowed vessel. You can’t master or take complete control of his saiyan genes since you’re fake that’s why you are weak, and one more reason is, You are fake and i am a pure saiyan prince!” and that’s where the episode ends!!

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Things that i extremely liked in this episode

Well there are more interesting things in this episode other than Vegeta stealing the limelight and beating the shit out of Black. And those interesting things are comics scenes, its interesting to see how they integrated few comic scenes in the episode which made the episode more interesting to watch!!

We see growing affection in Trunks and Mai, when Mai brought trunks to hideout and gone to pursue Black. Yajirobe took care of him and trunks while being unconscious dreamed of Mai giving him Senzu bean through her mouth just like he did to her. Although he was pretty surprised when he saw Yajirobe as he woke up and so asked him “Did you gave me senzu through mouth?” and Yajirobe was like – “Why in the goddamn world i will do that?” That scene was pretty funny! also there were another two funny scene.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Funny Scenes
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Funny Scenes

After Zamasu destroys time machine, Vegeta says “Well if we can’t go back then this means this world is your grave, since we brought it with us, its little small but comfortable!” Zamsu counters Vegeta’s words his god like dialogues but Vegeta realizes that Goku is not carrying Mafuba Jar and he asks him where is it? Goku says that jar got destroyed with time machine and they starts arguing!  Black tells Zamasu that they are not listening to you at all and Zamasu is like “I am just absorbed in my own thoughts, it doesn’t matter if anyone listens to me or not.” Black is like – “Oh! That’s just like a true god.” Also it was fun to see Gowasu not realizing Goku Black is actually Zamasu.

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Final comic scene that i liked is – As i mentioned earlier that Gowasu decides to stay there oversee the battle, hearing that Goku asks shin, “What does Kaioshin from our world wanna do?” Shin too tells Goku that he will stay until the end. Goku was like “I thought you wanna go back?” Shin says “I won’t appreciate that outlook of yours towards me!” The comic scenes in this episode maintained a perfect balance of the episode. It was also interesting to see trunks finding weakness in immortal zamasu which shows that he did more things that just holding those to back!

Whis is angel – Identity revealed

Goku aksed in the episode – If gods are dead then whis is alive? if so then why he did not do anything? he is more dependable then Beerus! Supreme Kai shin answers – Whis his angel that only serves gods, if god is dead then their actions are sealed and they won’t act until another god appears. Goku was like but he doesn’t have wings and his butt is not sticking out so why he is an angel?

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 review – Whis

Its my theory from here onward but i think why Whis is stronger than Beerus because he is like a servant that takes care of young master, and makes him stronger by every possible means and teaching him every thing related to battle. If the servant is not stronger than master then he won’t be able to teach him. Basically this kind of philosophy is used here.

Chances of Vegeto making his appearance are increased

Dragon ball Super Vegeto
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 Review Vegeto

At the end of the episode we get to see the preview of Dragon ball Super Episode 64 and just like it was mentioned in spoilers Goku Black and Zamasu fuses using potara rings to fuse. This new enemy is too strong for Vegeta and Goku, but i think Supreme kai Shin and Gowasu being present there won’t let Goku and Vegeta die and they might give them potara rings to fuse and we might get to see Vegeto once again!

Wrapping up

This episode was good and fight scenes were also well animated and executed according to me. What do you think about this episode? i will be glad to hear your views!

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Overall episode rating

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