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Dragon ball Super Episode 64 – Mafuba and Fused Zamasu

Dragon ball Super episode 64

Dragon ball Super Episode 64 – In the last episode of Dragon ball Super, We got to see Vegeta kicking ass of Goku Black, and Gowasu trying to persuade his foolish apprentice to come back to good side but that attempt was a failure. In this episode we see the fight between Vegeta and Goku Black and Goku vs Immortal Zamasu and some more events.

Dragon ball Super Episode 64 Review

Fight continues between Vegeta and Goku Black and Goku and Immortal Zamasu. However we see that Zamasu and Black soon gain upper hand over our heroes as Black unleashes his new weapon. A scythe that can cut through space and time and can create clones of its wielder.

We see Goku Black rambling his morals on power and immortality to Vegeta, Saying -“Anger is source of your power and mine too, but compare to yours mine is superior!” and he transforms his sword into scythe and along with that he also give explanation of his new weapon to Vegeta.

Dragon ball super episode 64 - Black's new Weapon
Dragon ball super episode 64 – Black’s new Weapon

The new scythe can cut through anything, space-time and even Zamasu but when Vegeta asks to Black that, what in the world did he do? Black says he himself is not aware of what this new weapon does. Vegeta and Goku are soon cornered by Zamasu and Black thanks to their new weapon which manages to create clones that cannot disappear. Using that Zamasu and Black attacks Goku and Vegeta, However Immortal Zamasu soon shifts his gaze towards Bulma and company who are trying to fix the time machine.

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Mai who notices that warns Trunks and Bulma who are in the garage repairing time machine, On the other hand Trunks who manages fix Mafuba jar desires to stall Zamasu. Bulma knowing that Trunks won’t last long enough against the immortal person she suggests him learn and use Mafuba while she seduces the Immortal Zamasu to buy time. Although the instance he was going to kill bulma, Trunks appears and uses Mafuba on Zamasu and seals him in a Jar. However the paper seal that’s needed to complete the seal, was left back in past, as Goku forgot to take with him once again.

Dragon ball super episode 64 - Black's new Weapon
Dragon ball super episode 64 – Black’s new Weapon

Since the seal was not complete Zamasu broke out, but he was scared and petrified by the fact that if he stays careless he might get sealed once again! Black worried about Zamasu, teleport towards him and sees Zamasu scared. Impressed by the fact that humans could corner Zamasu this way, he suggest to do fusion with potara rings and this way fused Zamsu appears and the episode ends.

Things i liked

First of all, i liked how they are balancing the comedy elements with serious and tragic events. The moment Bulma tries to seduce Zamasu to buy time for trunks to master Mafuba crack the shit out of me. Its good that they are bringing classic comedy elements from Dragon ball and Dragon ball Z back to Dragon ball Super.

To be honest Bulma’s nasty trick to seduce a villain, i can’t describe how hard i laughed on it.!!  I was like thank god Vegeta was not here to see this, the Prince of all Saiyans, the legendary Vegeta would be ashamed to see his wife like this. Seriously the moment was epic.

Dragon ball super episode 64 - Bulma seducing Zamasu
Dragon ball super episode 64 – Bulma seducing Zamasu

Also another comedy scene i like when trunks was mastering Mafuba, he does Ginyu pose or Saiyaman pose but later Bulma gives him reference video from piccolo and after seeing that trunks was like – “What in the actual world i was doing?”

I liked the new weapon and power of Black Goku but seriously instead of being excited about the new power i was not happy. We got to see Vegeta getting the limelight after he kicked Black’s ass but then usual BS power up shifted the flow of the fight. Goku and Vegeta’s side by side attack was also a treat to watch!

Things i not liked

As i mentioned earlier the usual BS power up that shifted the flow of fight was not at all exciting for me. But its kinda like i wanted to see Vegeta’s epic and badass moments for a long time it seriously pissed me of that after showing Vegeta in the limelight they are shifting him to backward category once gain. But at the same time i feel glad because Goku was in the same boat as Vegeta.

The other thing that i not liked is the pacing of the episode, which was weird in my opinion. Like, Mai notices Immortal Zamasu visiting towards the garage to kill Trunks and company and she warns them but in that brief amount of moment all the conversation between Trunks, Mai and Bulma as well as all the comedy scenes takes place. I was like, they are just fighting nearby its not like they are fighting miles away.

Dragon ball super episode 64 - Trunks using Mafuba
Dragon ball super episode 64 – Trunks using Mafuba

Also when Bulma was seducing Zamasu, in that brief moment Trunks manages to learn Mafuba? wow! Goku just trained for hours and hours at Master Roshi and Trunks manages to master in the time of few minutes. Its not like because he is Genius, even Goku is Genuis as you may recall that he mastered Kamehameha by seeing it, but even he practiced for hours to master Mafuba and Trunks on the other hand was able to master in the span of Minutes.

I also did not liked how they have portrayed Goku, i mean he was dumb and simpleton but in Dragon ball Super he looks more dumb! He forgot the seal for Mafuba jar which was important! Like how in the world is that possible? He is not Luffy from One Piece!! Although One Piece was inspired from Dragon ball and both the main characters are dumb, but when you compared Goku from DBZ and Dragon Ball he was more mature and genius compared to how he is in Dragon ball Super.

Justification on Mafuba

As i said earlier, Trunks learning Mafuba was absurd but you may also think that, trunks being actually fine after using Mafuba was also absurd. But on the other hand that’s totally Justified. In my explanation on how Mafuba works, i mentioned that when Mafuba is used on person stronger than user, the user dies because it uses a huge amount of Ki as well as if that’s not enough life energy is used in place of Ki. But when it is used on weaker person, the person remains fine because Ki used to seal the person is very little and when its used on a person of the same power level the user becomes weak.

Dragon ball episode super  64 - Zamasu
Dragon ball episode super 64 – Zamasu

In this case the Immortal Zamasu is weaker than Trunks in terms of fighting power and combat ability, the only reason he has advantage is because of his immortal body. So when Trunks used Mafuba on Zamasu he was fine because he had greater amount of Ki and he was stronger than Zamasu. For more evidence on my Justification you can refer to this article – How Mafuba Works

Wrapping up

Now that’s its confirmed that Mafuba won’t work on Zamasu anymore (Since Zamasu knows it and there is no seal for Mafuba Jar), the fused version of Zamasu is too strong for Goku and Vegeta to handle. Although we have got a confirmed news that Vegeto will appear but i will still keep my fingers crossed on that part.

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Overall Episode Rating

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