Dragon ball Super legal streaming – Watch one hour after Japan release

Dragon ball Super legal streaming – Toei animation announced that it will begin English subtitled simulcast for dragon ball super on Daisuki, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. The simulcast will began with Dragon ball Super Episode 63, which is releasing on October 22 at 9.00 PM E.D.T. In India the episode will be available to watch at 6.30 AM on Thursday morning.

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Dragon ball Super legal streaming details

As i mentioned above the episodes are going to release on October 22 at 9.00 PM E.D.T (6.30 AM India), Meaning, The episode will be available on internet with English subtitle one hour after its aired in Japan.

The streaming platforms will also stream earlier episodes of Future trunks arc i.e from Dragon ball Super episode 47 from 30th October and it will also stream the very earlier episode of Dragon ball super. The streaming platforms will offer 10 of the episodes per week.

Dragon Ball Villains - Goku
Dragon Ball Villains – Goku

The stream will be available on Crunchyroll in the United states, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for free users and members.

Also AnimeLab will stream the series in Australia and New Zealand for free users and members. And Daisuki in United states for free users and members.


This news is hype, since we won’t have to wait one day extra for English subtitled version episodes. We can watch it one hour after it will be released in Japan. For me it will be easier to give you a quick review on the new upcoming episodes.

This was actually possible because now Dragon ball Super anime and manga is handled by a separate department, that completely focuses on Dragon ball property of Akira Toriyama. The new department is called as “Dragon ball room,” and it focuses on Anime, Manga and Games and all other related things to Dragon ball and Dragon ball Super. Dragon ball Room was launched due the increasing popularity of Dragon ball Super in Japan and other eastern and western countries all over the world!

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