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Dragon ball villains – All villains vs Zamasu and Black Goku!

Dragon ball villains – With the recent excitement spurred in dragon ball and dragon ball super fans because of the future trunks arc. There is an intense discussions going on between fans, on various forums, twitter and facebook. The topic of discussion is – “Who is the best villain in the entire dragon ball history?” So in this article we are going to discuss about that topic.

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Dragon ball villains – Comparing them

Dragon Ball Villains - Goku
Dragon Ball Villains – Goku

There are total five main antagonist in the entire dragon ball series, first lets start comparing them and then see whose best of them all.

01. King Piccolo

King piccolo was born from Kami the namekian guardian of the earth. For Kami to become the guardian of earth he has to separate all his evil intent. However that created a evil being who did nothing but plunge the world into the depths of chaos. His aim was to rule the world, but he was defeated by Master roshi’s master with “Evil containment wave.” A sealing technique which is like a double edge sword, after using it the user dies. Later he was revived but defeated by Goku. He gave birth to his son called Piccolo Jr. (the Piccolo we know) but Goku and Piccolo became friends.

02. Frieza

Frieza was hailed as the strongest warrior of universe who was defeated by Goku in a battle on planet namek, he somehow survived and came back as a cyborg alien to defeat Goku but was defeated by future trunks.

03. Cell

Cell was created by Dr. Gero, in order to kill Goku. However for cell to do that he had to consume Android 17 and 18 to achieve his perfect form. Which he achieved it but he lost thanks to Gohan and Goku’s combined effort.

04. Majin Buu

Majin Buu was a being created by evil mage Bibidi. His power can even rival gods. However Majin Buu went berserk and killed Bibidi. The Kaioshins put lots of effort to seal him, but he was later revived by Bibidi’s son Babidi. Babidi was killed by the hands of Majin Buu. And now all Buu did is eat and kill people, he was defeated by Goku.

05. Zamasu and Black Goku

Zamasu is a Kioshin from Universe 10 who hates Humans and thinks they are the cause of all evils and God should hold the absolute right of Justice. He plans to destroy human race and for achieving his dreams he will do anything. He took over Goku’s bodyand became Black Goku and killed him and his family¬†and he also killed his fellow kaioshin, stole the time ring met Zamasu from future and made him immortal. He also killed all gods and now nearly destroyed humanity.

Dragon ball villains – Who is the best one?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 - Zamasu and Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 – Zamasu and Black Goku

01. King Piccolo

King piccolo’s aim was to achieve control over the world (on earth) which he nearly achieved but was defeated. Although he did everything with power and little planning. But considering the level of series at that time he was the best villain.

02. Frieza

Frieza wanted immortality originally he was not going to become villain if Goku and his friends had not gotten into his way. Since his character was brought in the middle of the story we never saw frieza using his brains to achieve his objective. He did all things with his power, However when Goku overpowered him we found out that frieza was just a lame ass guy who knows nothing but scream on top of his voice.

That was acceptable given the situation. However when he came back in Resurrection of F, i was pretty disappointed because he wanted to take revenge on Goku and his friends so he had time to get stronger and he got strong but he did not planned anything. Once again Goku and Vegeta overpowered him and he was defeated.

03. Cell

Objective unknown, cell was only focusing on achieving a perfect body which he did. After that his objective was not made clear. To be accurate he just wanted to spread fear which he achieved and wanted to fight and kill strongest fighters and prove his might.

04. Majin Buu

Nicknamed as the Madman or Destructive machine, that guy had only two things on his mind eat and destroy. He had no objective and well he had no brain at all..

05. Zamasu and Black Goku

The best villain comes from good personality is a default rule of cliche and Zamasu and Black are no different than this. They thoroughly planned everything and their objective is clear and even Goku and Vegeta are now in dispair and cannot do anything.

Result –¬†Zamasu and Black Goku are the best villains in the entire dragon ball history because these two used their brains and planned everything. “They say brain is mightier than strength and when you combine those two you can achieve anything.” Zamasu and Black despite being villains define the above quote accurately.

Sure we had villains (King piccolo, frieza, cell and majin buu) in dragon ball who drove heroes into corner, but they never gave a feeling of fear and despair to the heroes, like Zamasu and Black are giving to Goku, Vegeta and Trunks.

A Good villain makes the story interesting and with Zamasu and Black Goku in play, same thing is happening in Dragon ball Super.

Wrapping up

So what do you think, who is the best villain? I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts!

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