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Eiichiro oda – assistant tells how much serious oda is about One Piece

Eiichiro oda – An interview with former One Piece manga editor “Kawashima Naoki” revealed, how much serious Oda is when it comes to One Piece. And by hearing/reading that you will be awestruck by the level of dedication Eiichiro Oda puts in his work.

Watch oda’s interview on One Piece film gold

Eiichiro oda the creator of One Piece is known for his work ethics. He claims to only sleep 2.00 AM to 5.00 AM and he takes no time off and work on his Manga basically all the time he is awake. His work ethics reminds me of character from Bakuman known as “Nizuma Eiji.” That guy had nothing in his mind other than his Manga and continuously kept drawing. The work ethic which Oda follows is similar to what Nizuma Eiji does.

However apparently Oda would like to see the same hard working determination in all Shueisha staff members, who works on One Piece. Images of Interview published by Shueisha to promote One Piece : Film gold recently surface online on the web and in the interview members of the editorial team who have worked on the One Piece describe their memories and experience with Oda.

Watch oda’s interview on One Piece film gold

Eiichiro oda – words to his assistant

Former One Piece editor Kawashima Naoki recalls the moment of what Oda said to him when he became the editor of the series. Its the thing he remembers the most – Oda told him to work with the resolution of “die for one piece,” what he meant he literally wanted his editor to dedicate his everything for the series just like Oda did.

Eiichiro Oda's assistant interview
Eiichiro Oda’s assistant interview

Kawashima recalled that incident with laugh but said Eiichiro oda’s words moved him. The inital reaction of the editor was – “What for real?” but he also thought how amazing oda is – “This person really works with that kind of resolution.” Another member from the editorial team compared Oda to F1 race car, However he described the team as normal compared to Japan’s compact car. He also revealed that the editors working on One Piece sometimes find tough to keep up with the pace that Oda works at.

Watch oda’s interview on One Piece film gold

Fans reaction on this interview

Fan 1 – How amazing! oda’s work ethic is!

Fan 2 – Oda is like Shueisha’s workhorse.

Fan 3 – Its amazing he doesn’t get Togashi’s disease (This fan compared Oda to Hunter X Hunter author who puts his manga on long-term Hiatus without any clear explanation. Something which you have not seen from Oda.)

(Source – Yaraon and ANN)


Ever since Oda launced the series in 1997, he rarely put the manga on Hiatus to take care of himself. Oda was hospitalized in between but that guy still worked on the Manga in hospital room. However from then onward oda sleeps a little more and take breaks to maintain his health but still he has never put the Manga on Hiatus.

The level of dedication Oda shows is unreal, that’s why we (the entire team of Otaku vines) salutes Oda for his hard work. Oda has also worked as executive producer for One Piece film Z and One Piece film Gold, also he claims that One Piece is 65-70% complete.

However with this we recall the poor working conditions in Japan, Since people in Japan are hardworking many of them overwork and gets hospitalized and Oda is one of them, some of them even die. The devotion of Oda towards the One Piece Manga is definitely a praiseworthy. But he needs to pay more attention to his health, at least our team doesn’t mind if he take more breaks. We and all other fans will understand.

Watch oda’s interview on One Piece film gold


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