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Goku Black’s power ups during battle explained – Dragon ball Super

Goku Black – Ever wondered that why Goku Black’s power level constantly increases in the middle of the battle? If you have you must have tried to find the answer to this question! Although you won’t find a concrete answer to this rather you will find all kind of theories behind his strength and constant power ups.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Goku Black
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Goku Black

However everyone forget that the secret behind his strength and constant power ups was revealed in the Dragon ball Super Episode 63 by Vegeta when he fought him. Now you must have gotten the vague idea of what i am talking about, but lets get into more details regarding this issue.

Goku Black’s power ups during battle explained

When Vegeta fought Goku Black in Dragon ball Super Episode 63, he the following thing in the episode 63:-

Allow me to tell you where you miscalculated, That body you borrowed is made by cells of Saiyan race and was trained with countless of battle Goku fought and the amount of rigorous training he did. Only a pure Saiyan and numbskull like him can unlock his full potential. For you its just a borrowed vessel which gives temporary power boost nothing more than that.

This dialogue stuck into my mind and i thought that this reasoning can also be applied to the constant power ups that Goku Black goes through.

Since Zamasu exchanged the body of Goku, he was able to master it because he is genius and elite Kaioshin apprentice but there was one main flaw and that was his fighting moves were not suitable for the body. It was more like, he was feeling uncomfortable. But when he fought Goku he remembered the fighting style and pattern and perfected the form, because of which he was able to achieve Super Saiyan Rose.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Vegeta SSJ Blue
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 – Vegeta SSJ Blue

However he was able to master all this just because he is genius but one thing could not do is unlock the full potential of a Saiyan’s body. Saiyan’s have the ability to power up during battle and after the battle but Kaioshin do not have that ability. This type of ability comes through genetics and cannot be unlocked through training or battles like Zamasu did with Super Saiyan Rose. As Zamasu borrowed Goku’s body, He was able to adjust everything but he was not able to master Goku’s ability to power up completely, that’s why he was constantly powering up in the middle of the battle.

So basically what i mean is even though Zamasu was able to master every single ability of Goku, he was still in incomplete state as he could not unlock the potential of Saiyan genes. He was just using Goku’s power up ability to grow stronger but it was not perfect that’s what Vegeta realized and he confirmed that as a weakness, because of which trained for 1 year in Hyperbolic time chamber. Goku Black can surpass others during battle but that was limited to a certain amount of power levels. He can’t surpass a power level that’s achieved through a year long of training.

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