Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin

Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin – Voice actor Tanaka Kazunari passes away!!

Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin voice actor – On Tuesday Aoni production talent agency announced on its website that Voice actor Tanaka Kazunari passes away, The actor was 49 years old.

Original announcement by official website – Aoni Production

Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin voice actor passes away

Tanaka Kazunari played the role of following characters in these following anime series :-

Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin voice actor - Kazunari tanaka
Haikyuu cocah Ukai kenshin voice actor – Kazunari tanaka
  • Haikyuu – Ukai Kenshin
  • Planetes – Hachimaki
  • Hell Teacher Nube – Katsuya Kimura
  • Freedom – Dorowa
  • Marmalade Boy – Tsutomu Rokutandou
  • Code geass: Rebellion of lelouch -Shinichiro Tamaki
  • Soul Hunter – Kou Hiko
  • Tenshi Na Konamaiki – Ichiro Fujiki
  • Brave 10 – Miyoshi Sekai Nyudo
  • Gintama – Kato Ken
  • Mobile suit gundam : Seed destiny – Olson white
  • Majin Bone – Kenjo Ryuujin etc.

He also voice acted in following games :-

  • Persona 5 – Junya kaneshiro
  • Jojo’s bizarre adventure all star battle – Tamami Kobayashi etc.

The cause of kazunari Tanaka’s death was due to hemorrhage, happened in his brain stem.

News Source: Oricon Style and Yaraon! and ANN)

Words from author

Another great voice actor after Miyu Matsuki passes away, i became fan of Kazunari Tanaka’s work while watching Hell teacher nube and his role of Ukai Kenshin that he played in the Haikyuu anime was the most memorable one for me.

Its too sad to loose him and this happened right after Haikyuu Season 3 featuring battle between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno aired, because of which this is like an unexpected shocking news for me. He will be missed.

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