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Makoto Shinkai : next work is about Teens – Will work on it within 3 years!!

Makoto shinkai next work

Makoto Shinkai Next Work – At 21st Busan International Film Festival that took place on Sunday, Makoto Shinkai the director of Kimi no na wa anime movie announced that he will work at TOHO on his next project within 3 years. He further commented that just like his recent movie Kimi no na wa, his new movie will be on teens or young boys and girls in adolescences.

Makoto Shinkai Next Work

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha meets Taki
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Mitsuha meets Taki

His movie Kimi no na wa which took the world by storm was screened at Busan international film festival on Sunday. Makoto Shinkai attended the festival along with lead actors Ryuunosuke Kamiki and  More kamishiraishi. When asked about the views on the comment given by many critics and fans that he is a “Post-Miyazaki director,” he said the comments are just an “overestimation.” He further adds that “Miyazaki’s movies have worth and power as a single brand. I will continue to make movies that people can enjoy.”

Makoto Shinkai comments on the success

Makoto Shinkai said – “The box office revenue reaching and exceeding the amount of 10 Billion yen is bit frightening. This Box office revenue is not proportional to my own ability, I don’t think that i have, 10 Billion Yen worth of merit. I fear the assessment of my merit considering the earnings that movie has earned is unbalanced.”

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kimi no na wa review
kimi no na wa review

He expressed bewilderment, that the film he created has became such a huge hit and expressed his humility in the rest of the brief review. When asked “If the film is a work that he has confidence in” Shinkai replied – “This time without even considering anything, i thought the film would probably get a feed back that it was enjoyable. That;’s the kind of ‘Self-confidence’ i had.”

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Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha and Taki
Kimi No Na Wam Review – Mitsuha and Taki

He also added , regarding certain scenes from the movie and the places that were shown in the movie, the amount of tourism they have inspired! “The footbridge that appeared in the movie onscreen that I thought was a good setting to put in the anime is actually from where I live. After the movie’s release, there are a lot of people walking there and taking pictures… I thought ‘I’ll try not to come here anymore’.

Kimi no na wa – success

Miyazaki’s film named “Kaze Tachinu” or also known as “The wind rises,” earned 12.2 Billion Yen which approximately equals to $123.5 Million USD at a time. And Kimi No Na Wa Movie (Your Name? Movie) is expected to achieve the same kind of feat.

Regardless of that the movie has now surpassed distriutor’s “TOHO” 6 Billion yen i.e $59 Million USD Projection for the film and the earning is expected to rise.

So far the only movies to reach 10 Billion Yen and earn over that are Studio Ghibli’s and Miyazaki’s Kaze Tachinu (The wind rises), Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo and Princess Mononoke.


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