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Minato Namikaze 10 unknown facts that you should know!!

Minato Namikaze 10 unknown facts

Minato Namikaze – Everyone is aware of this fact that Minato Namikaze was the legendary fourth hokage, hailed as the fastest shinobi of the world and was feared by all shinobi nations. He was also the father of Naruto Uzumaki who later becomes the seventh hokage surpassing even his father.

Article update – Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : Jonin Naruto and Hokage Training

However not much was shown about him in the Anime, Manga and the filler episodes. But here are the 10 unknown facts about Minato Namikaze which played a big role in his life and made him the legendary hokage we all know now.

Minato Namikaze : 10 Unknown facts

01. Minato was the only Hokage who’s background was normal

Kid Minato namikaze
Kid Minato namikaze

First, second and fifth hokage were from Senju clan. Third Hokage was from Sarutobi clan, Sixth Hokage kakashi – His father was genius and was one of the strongest shinobi of Konoha named as white fang. Also Kakashi didn’t want to be Hokage, he only became because Obito told him. Naruto was all alone his life, he became hokage with his hard work, but it was revealed that he is the son of fourth hokage. Which makes his family background as well renowned.

Article update – Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : Jonin Naruto and Hokage Training

Not much is revealed about Minato namikaze’s parents and his background. But from what it was shown or revealed in Anime, its easy to speculate that Minato hailed from normal family, You could tell that by looking at his small house. His dream was to become hokage who is respected by everyone. A person who is from a renowned family or whose parents are well respected would not have such dream. Minato earned the seat of hokage with his hard work, just like Naruto and he created his own legend.

02. Minato was a prodigy and had highest scores in history of academy

Minato Namikaze as Kid
Minato Namikaze as Kid

Minato was hailed as a prodigy by his master Jiraya, who took keen interest in him and later taught him much of his signature moves. According to him he was the kind of genius who would only appear once in a generation. But that’s not the only special thing about him. Minato Namikaze was always first in his class and had the highest scores in the entire history of academy.

03. Minato first killed people when he was genin

Minato and Kushina
Minato and Kushina

When Minato and Kushina graduated and became genin. Kushina was kidnapped by the shinobi from kumogakure village. Because she was the Jinchuriki of the Nine tailed fox. A team was dispatched to rescue her, but it was Minato who rescued her by killing all the three shinobis, who was escorting kushina to kumogakure. From that time onward Minato and Kushina became couple.

04. Minato was fastest but not physically, it was because of his Jutsu’s speed

Minato vs Obito
Minato vs Obito

Minato mastered the technique of second hokage known as Hiraishin no Justsu (Flying thunder god Justu) who was master at teleportation and space time ninjutsu. Minato made that technique his own and took it to several new levels. Among which he used Hiraishin no Justu level 2 on Obito who came to destroy hidden leaf.

Article update – Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : Jonin Naruto and Hokage Training

The principle behind this technique is, he used special seal tags on his kunai which he use to spread on the entire battlefield. The seals would react to his chakra and will teleport him to the locations where the kunais are. Using this technique Minato wiped out 1000 shinobis all alone, because of which he was feared.

05. Minato was a sensory type Ninja and he was extremely good

Minato vs Raikage
Minato vs Raikage

Minato was a sensory type ninja because of which he was able to dodge attacks coming even at lightening speed. In the battle during the war with 4th Raikage Aye and Killer Bee. Raikage challenged him, and Raikage was fast as lightening but Minato was able to dodge all his attacks and what’s more he dodge them closely and he striked right after that.

Article update – Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : Jonin Naruto and Hokage Training

His sensory skills are shown once again when Obito, Kakashi, Rin and Minato battled with Iwagakure shinobi. Minato Namikaze accurately told the number of enemies they are going to deal with and only one of them is real rest of them are clones. Also when Minato was revived with edo tensei after his death. He was able to sense Naruto and Kyuubi’s chakra who were fighting on the faraway battlefield, straight away from the village.

06. Originally Minato was not going to become Hokage

Minato Namikaze - A Hokage
Minato Namikaze – A Hokage

Third Hokage planned to make Orochimaru the fourth hokage of the village but orochimaru was forced to leave the village because of all the forbidden experiments he did. Third Hokage later planned to make Jiraya the fourth hokage but Jiraya rejected the seat and left the village in search of Orochimaru. Later Minato became fourth hokage because of his performance in war.

07. Minato had incredible amount of chakra reserves within him

Minato Namikaze - Justsu sign
Minato Namikaze – Justsu sign

When Obito and Nine tails attacked the village hidden in leaf, Minato was able to transport/teleport Kyuubi’s bijuu dama easily away from the village. Later he eventually teleported/transported entire kyuubi faraway from the village. Because of which he lost half of his chakra. Similarly he transported Juubi’s bijuu dama far away from the aligned shinobi army and didn’t break a sweat.

08. Aside from village security system Minato had his own special security system to protect village at any given time

Minato Namikaze Seals
Minato Namikaze Seals

When Minato became hokage, he installed his own special security system with Hiraishin no Jutsu seals all over the village. He had two safe houses and he even passed on his Hiraishin no justsu to hokage guarding squad, So they can protect the Hokage when its needed.

09. Minato did not had brute strength however he filled that gap with his chakra just like Tsunade did.

Minato Namikaze Blocking attack
Minato Namikaze Blocking attack

Minato did not had brute strength however just like Tsunade he used precise chakra control to compensate for his brute strength. But it was on a smaller scale when compared to Tsunade, however his chakra control was at such precision that he can just use his finger to blow his enemy away! In filler he used that technique on Naruto. And Hiraishin No Justu also need a precise chakra control. Also he was able to seal his and Kushina’s chakra inside Naruto. Its not possible until the chakra control is sharp as needle.

10. Minato did not gave any chance for his opponent to counter attack

Minato Namikaze - Hiraishin No Jutsu
Minato Namikaze – Hiraishin No Jutsu

Minato did not wasted anytime and eliminated his enemies as soon as he get the chance to strike. His attacks were so fast that his enemies would not get any chance to counter his attacks. Also when he moves fast, a yellow flash use to spark because of his Hiraishin No Jutsu and hence he was named as yellow flash.

Article update – Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 : Jonin Naruto and Hokage Training

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