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Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Overflowing Emotions!!

Shelter the Animation

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – I know am pretty late for writing the review on this music video, even though i first announced the news regarding it. But i really wanted my time to process the thoughts. Since i have never done reviews on short animation videos, writing with haste on Porter Robinson’s shelter music video which shows so many things in short span of 6 minute will do nothing good. So i thought that i should process my thoughts carefully before writing the review!


Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. Until one day, everything changes, and Rin comes to learn the true origins behind her life inside a simulation.

(Source – Porter Robinson/Youtube)

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video Review

The synopsis above describes the story of the video, it may sound amazing but after i watched the video, i felt that this is not an original story but rather its inspired from some previous work. Because of this many people who watch anime series may feel the story as an average story but yet it is a masterpiece. Before i explain this interpretation, allow me to explain my thoughts on this music video, which eventually will become the explanation for my above interpretation.

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video - Rin
Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Rin

First thing first, i felt this video pretty unique and different from the regular Japanese sci-fi anime. Its combination of slice of life and sci-fi genre which is something you can find only in Hollywood movies. Well there are sci-fi anime series in Japanese which has slice of life element in them but there is one major difference in them and that is the amount of focus given on each genre. Japanese sci-fi anime series combined with slice of life element tend to focus more on sci-fi genre and uses slice of life genre to balance the series. So basically, the ratio is Sci-fi genre 60% and slice of life genre is 40%.

On the other hand Shelter is balanced with 50% of sci-fi and 50% of slice of life. What i mean is sci-fi part explains Rin’s life in virtual reality and then the slice of life part explains her real life outside virtual reality balanced by emotions. Something which is different from regular Japanese anime series we have watched until now! So according to me the story’s explanation follows like this :-

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Story Explanation

Rin’s father sent her out to space permanently after some years she was born. Earth was on the verge destruction and he wanted her to live the rest of her life the way she wanted. So he created a virtual reality simulation for her where she can live however she wants and also he left her memories and message for her so she can remember her life on earth before she was sent to space.

PS – Everyone is giving their own different explanation on the story and its same thing with me!

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Opinion

The video makes us to wonder and ask questions like – what will happen next? will Rin wake up or not? or she is permanently going to stay and live in that augmented virtual reality world?

Some people says that her father sent her into space so she can survive on some other planet where there is life. However the Journey till there is quite lonely and dark and he does not wanted her to make her feel alone, that’s why he created the virtual reality simulation for her, included with her memories and as special message. So until she reaches her destination she will continue to move forward with strong will, mind and heart.

But such explanation is for something that will happen further in future if the story continues, For now this video just makes us wonder what will happen next? So basically what i meant is this video has enough plot, that they can go ahead and make a complete movie. And if that happens i will be glad because in reality i am curious to know what will happen in the story further.

This video had a perfect visualization of Japanese views on sci-fi combined with Western views on sci-fi, that’s why the video feels Japanese yet it feels like its not Japanese. Which is something new and great. I mentioned earlier that – “Shelter is balanced with 50% of sci-fi and 50% of slice of life, meaning sci-fi part explains Rin’s life in virtual reality and then the slice of life part explains her real life outside virtual reality balanced by emotions.”

So what i mean is if you just judge the video by the story it doesn’t give you original feel and will  give you feel like, I’ve watched something like this earlier and you will feel that’s its an average video, but if you judge the video by story and how they executed it and how the emotions were expressed through this video, then this video is a masterpiece.

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Animation and Character designs

Both animation and character designs were awesome, i especially liked the character designs, Kid Rin was too adorable for me to handle! They expressed the world so well that it completely suited the song that Porter Robinson made. I think studio was aiming for this, they really wanted to express Porter’s music through this video.

Porter Robinson Shelter Music Video – Emotions

The video is definitely overflowing with emotions in the later half when it explained the meaning behind the Rin’s life. Also i felt a physical pain in heart and mind as i saw Rin’s father sending Rin in space. I’ll admit that i shed few tears at the end.

Wrapping up

For Porter Robinson making this music video is like a dream come true, because in one of his interview he did mentioned that Anohana is his favorite anime series and i guess you already know that the series is made by A-1 Pictures. So working with the studio who made Anohana is nothing but a dream come true moment for him. As for me i would definitely want this music video to become a movie to know what will happen in the story, if only its possible.

Overall rating

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