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Top 06 reasons – Sports Anime series are better than real sports!!

Sports anime series – Out of all the anime series that inspire us, Sports anime genre is ahead of everyone in inspiring people. Many of sports anime lovers/anime lovers have started to do some outdoor sports activities after watching sports anime.

Yowamushi pedal inspired many people to start cycling or many people started training for actual road race sports. Anime series like Kuroko No Basket and Slam Dunk inspired us to play basket ball. So this time we are going to discuss – Why sports anime series are better than the actual sports in real life

Sports anime series are better than real sports – reasons

01. Drama

Sports anime series are not about sports only, but sports anime series has pretty complex background story and drama behind every character which is enough to make us emotional. In real life we don’t have access to player’s background story and the struggles he went through. The opportunities he got and the friends he made and many other things are not known.

Sports anime series - Hajime no ippo rising
Sports anime series – Hajime no ippo rising

However anime shows these all things and we relate the life story or background of characters in sports anime series to real life people. Also it inspires us to face our problems head on, this is pretty simple outlook in fact even Hollywood movies does the same thing. If you have watched movies like coach carter or southpaw then the story shown in the movie must have inspired you in some or other way.

02. Training that teaches you to be a better person

Sports person has lot of things on his mind which includes winning the game and the feelings of the people who are rooting for him. If our favorite team looses all we do is talk bad out them neglecting the hard work they have done. People knows that players work hard but still scorn them. Anime gives us a pretty brief look at the training that player do in order to become more better player and more better person.

Sports anime series - Haikyuu!
Sports anime series – Haikyuu!

Your outlook of looking towards characters change and you start looking them as your role model. The training they show you in sports anime series inspires you to exercise and change your current life style from a guy whose only life is computer and smartphone and friends to the guy whose life has healthy exercise, sports, friends and may other things.

03. Watching sport matches is 100 times exciting compared to real life

In real life when you watch any sports you will get excited, but you won’t stay excited for too long. Anime is not like that, it will kill you from the inside with the excitement, so much that you will shiver, get goosebumps at every single episode which shows any kind of match!

Sports anime series - Kuroko No basuket
Sports anime series – Kuroko No basuket

Moreover they show matches from each and every camera angles which gives you better view at on going play! In real life sports you cam only view match from one view. So basically sports anime makes any sports look cool and epic compared to the sports in real life.

04. Sports anime series are knowledgeable

Yes you read that right! Sports anime series are knowledgeable, you get to know various strategies for game making and you also get a brief view about what each and every player is thinking. Something which we can’t get access to in real life. Also the rules of each and every game is thoroughly explained.

Sports anime series - Baby Steps
Sports anime series – Baby Steps

Good effects and bad effects of training and what are the benefits of every training on human body is something you will learn because of sports anime series.  Also we get a detailed look at rules of tournaments held in anime series, how best teams/players are nominated to play in main tournament through elimination round and we get to know various other procedures.

05. Every character is cool and inspiring

Sports anime series - Kuroko no basket - Kuroko
Sports anime series – Kuroko no basket – Kuroko

Main character of any sports anime series is bound to inspire you but that’s not the only thing which is good. The teammates and other characters of that anime series will also inspire you in some or other way!

06. Even worst can become the best

Sports anime series - Hajime no ippo
Sports anime series – Hajime no ippo

Many people always think that i don’t have ability or talent to do this kind of work or any other activity. Sports anime series will show you stories of such main characters who were zero but later became hero and ultimately became inspiration to everyone! You really can’t find something like this in real life.

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