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Tenkyou no Alderamin Anime Review – Must watch if you love war tactics!!

Tenkyou No Alderamin

Tenkyou no Alderamin anime review – I am actually a huge fan of Anime that has mind games at its core when it comes to battle and warfare or any type of fight and Tenkyou no Alderamin is no different than that. Bill gates once said that – “I will always choose lazy person to do hard jobs, because he will find easy ways to do it.” This anime is the definition and description of that entire quote, Well you will understand when you read the synopsis below!


The world is thrown into chaos when the Katjvarna empire takes arms against the Republic of Kioka. Our hero, Ikta Solorok, detests war but ultimately has no choice but to become a High Grade Military Officer to defend his land. No one could have ever imagined that this lazy womanizer would eventually become the hero everyone needed.

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Tenkyou no Alderamin Anime Review

If you have watched “GATE” anime series which has 2 seasons, then you must be familiar with the main character Itami Youji. That guy is in military and on top of it he is Otaku, who always give preference to his Otaku hobby and on top of it he is also lazy, but he is a great officer and soldier. The main character of Tenkyou No Alderamin named Ikta Solork, is just like him expect he is not Otaku.


Ikta is lazy and womanizer and he detest war, heroes empire and generals. But due to some circumstances he becomes the general of an empire along with his friends. Now Ikta has to study in military warfare against his will but even so he hate it, he eventually comes out at top of everyone. His motto “Be lazy and you will lead a easy life,” It’s just like Bill gates said lazy person finds an easy way to do the hard job and Ikta is just like that.

Tenkyou No Alderamin - Ikta Solork
Tenkyou No Alderamin – Ikta Solork

On top of it he has a genius mind which can bring strategies after strategies and pin the enemy down, and when he is on the command he makes sure that the amount of people die in the battle is gradually lower then the usual number of people who die. At first everyone thinks he is just a lazy womanizer, but when they see what Ikta Solork is capable of people willingly starts following him.

War tactics at the core of battle

Those who love flashy and badass fights, this anime may disappoint you in terms of that. Since this anime Tenkyou no alderamin has main character  like Ikta solork, who is genius and lazy. War tactics and strategies are given more preference. So you might not see any flashy fights. You will see fights which are strategically planned and crafted to pin down the enemies. Which may make the show underwhelming but for those who are fan of mind games they will love it. Also tenkyou no alderamin has an interesting story, so this show doesn’t stay that underwhelming.

Tenkyou No Alderamin - Yatorishino Igsem
Tenkyou No Alderamin – Yatorishino Igsem

However tenkyou no alderamin might confuse you, when the characters are in the middle of the battle. Even i was confused few times and realized everything that happened after battle ended. But anime which has mind game at its core if can’t confuse their viewers then they are not interesting. Some anime series confuse their viewers and explain everything at the end but Tenkyou no alderamin is not like that, it will confuse you at some point but it won’t explain you what happened, because there is no need. You will understand everything on your own and i think that this is the beauty of this Anime.


There is a slight flavor of romance between the main male character Ikta Solork and main female character Yatorishino Igsem. Which are bound by a certain twist and you will find that when you watch the last episode.

Tenkyou No Alderamin - Yatorishino Igsem and Ikta Solork
Tenkyou No Alderamin – Yatorishino Igsem and Ikta Solork

However this anime doesn’t have your usual happy romance, its more like this anime has a sad romance which will give you feeling that something will happen between Ikta Solork and Yatorishino Igsem.

Flaws and Second season

The only flaw in this Anime is, its too short. Anime series based on mind games often has big stories and slow pace. Tenkyou No Allderamin is no different than that. This Anime has 13 episodes of run time and when you will see the last episode you will ask yourself “Why this anime only has 13 episodes?” and the reason for that is quite simple.

Tenkyou No Alderamin - Yatorishino Igsem
Tenkyou No Alderamin – Yatorishino Igsem

The last episode of the anime has an interesting twist at the end which in fact hints that this anime will get second season but it does not say anything for sure. Its like a mental torture! So for now i can’t say anything about Tenkyou no alderamin season 2. But we can hope that this anime will surely and definitely get a season 2.

Wrapping up

I will be honest here, i liked this anime and i will definitely look forward to the second season. However it does not manage to give me a strong impact. Its like i felt this anime was promising but had weak impact!

Overall Anime Rating

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