Trunks new transformation Dragon ball Super Episode 61

Trunks new transformation is a hint to the new level of super saiyan?

Trunks new transformation – Yesterday we got to see the latest release of Dragon ball Super Episodes, and in Dragon ball Super episode 61 we got to see the trunks going through a new transformation. The transformation was a mixture of “God ki” i.e Super saiyan blue and the normal Super saiyan.

Clear explanation of Trunks new form – Dragon ball Super Episode 62 Review

However it was not made clear, that what this new transformation is? or Trunks just entered the stage of becoming a Super saiyan god Blue? Most probably we won’t get a clear explanation of this phenomena until the end of Future trunks arc. So lets break it down and discuss what this new transformation of Trunks really is?

Trunks new transformation

Before we actually start discussing about the new transformation of trunks, lets see the major difference between the normal super Saiyan and the super Saiyan with God’s ki i.e Super saiyan blue. If you remember the tournament that happened between Universe 6 and Universe 7. In that tournament Goku mixed Super saiyan blue with Kaioken. At that time old supreme kai gave a brief explanation because of which we got the major difference between Super saiyan and Super saiyan god Blue.

Super saiyan blue kaioken - Otaku vines
Super saiyan blue kaioken – Otaku vines

At that time old kai said – “The trigger of becoming a super saiyan is anger and the trick to use Kaioken is calm mind and clam heart. Since kaioken is powered by calm mind and calm heart and super saiyan is powered by anger. Its impossible to combine those two techniques. That’s why Goku sealed the kaioken and never used it, even if he tried to use his body won’t handle and he would die.”

Clear explanation of Trunks new form – Dragon ball Super Episode 62 Review

However Goku further said that “Both Super saiyan Blue and Kaioken requires, calm mind and heart, i thought its possible to combine those two techniques.” At that time even Goku was not sure if he would succeed or not because the Ki inflammation caused by Kaioken puts great stress on body. He had to control the Ki at its peak point and he succeeded in doing that. But in the end he suffered through some damages.

Trunks new transformation
Trunks new transformation

Now in case of Trunks new transformation, it was a mixture of Super saiyan blue and Super saiyan which should not have been possible according to the statement made by old kai. So how did this really happened? from here onwards its my theory. I think that the new transformation of trunks is based on his emotions.

The reason of that is simple, Zamasu and Black accused Trunks for the destruction of future. Trunks charged towards them but got defeated miserably. However what Zamasu and Black said triggered his anger even more and he went through the transformation.

Also his training with vegeta played big part as well, But its not false super saiyan blue, because if it were it should be weaker compare to Goku and Vegeta’s Super saiyan Blue, but the preview of Episode 62 showed that this new form is actually stronger. So its basically a new ascended level of super saiyan blue which is unsustainable!

Clear explanation of Trunks new form – Dragon ball Super Episode 62 Review

Trunks is good person he has both calm heart and mind, so what Zamasu and Black said angered it but deep down he must be thinking that even though he broke the taboo to save the world. He didn’t mind, that his actions were to be considered as sin. That’s why he said – “Call it as a sin if you want to!” in anger and transformed. That’s why i think that his intention of saving the world and anger towards Black and Zamasu resulted in this transformation. Which could be the hint to the new level super saiyan.

Words from author

This is my personal outlook and opinion on Trunks new transformation, or its more like a theory without any proof but i would be glad if you people could state your views on this theory.

Clear explanation of Trunks new form – Dragon ball Super Episode 62 Review

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