Kekkai sensen season 2 confirmed

Kekkai Sensen Season 2 for TV Anime Confirmed for 2017!!

Kekkai Sensen Season 2 – The year 2017 is going to be exciting because so many anime series are getting sequels which includes – Code geass, Ginatama, Konosuba, Yowamushi Pedal, Full Metal Panic, Boruto (Sequel to Naruto) etc. However today one more sequel for a TV Anime series is confirmed! Yes, as the title says –

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Dragon ball super english dub release date Featured

Dragon ball super english dub release date – 21 Jan 2017

Dragon ball super english dub release date – Few days ago we gave news that Funanimation has licesned Dragon ball super for global premier. And today the release date of Dragon ball Super is out!! The Dragon ball super release date is 21st January 2017 and it will premier on Toonami (Asia). Dragon ball super

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Boruto next generation anime Featured

Boruto next generation anime confirmed!! Jump Festa 2016

Boruto next generation anime – Ok, hands down guys next year is going to be an awesome one. Not only code geass and gintama are coming back with new anime series but, Boruto next generation anime is coming too!! Yes you heard that right. Boruto next generation Anime Details A few days ago we posted

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Code Geass Season 3 & Gintama Final Anime Announced!!

Code Geass Season 3 – On Sunday and Yaraon announced that Code Geass Season 3 TV Anime confirmed the new Season 3 is titled as “Code Geass – Fukkatsu No Lelouch” also known as “Code Geas – Lelouch of Resurrection. Code Geass Season 3 – Lelouch of Resurrection Details Not much details about the release of

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Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Complete Explanation

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Last to last week “Dragon ball Super – Future Trunks Arc” finally ended. However there are many things which were not explained, hence in this article we will review the arc once again and we will try to analyze and explain as many scenarios as we can. Also

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Dragon ball Super Gohan – What will happen if he really returns?

Dragon ball Super Gohan – At the end of the Dragon ball Super Future Trunks arc, we saw Gohan wishing Trunks goodbye, and he was in fact in his mystic form or well at least his hair was like that and he was not wearing glasses. It could be possible that he might be training

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