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Bleach creator Tite Kubo reveals emotional truth about ending!!

Bleach creator tite kubo sad story

Bleach creator Tite Kubo – Its been 3 months since bleach ended and lot of fans are unhappy with the unexplained low quality story. While some fans are angry about the ending chapter and the pairing of Orihime and Ichigo, and the pairing of Rukia and Renji.

However, Bleach creator Tite Kubo who just returned on twitter, revealed a certain reason or in fact a story about what’s happening to him and what made him kept writing bleach despite all the things he went through. The recent tweets by the mangaka are seriously heart griping.

Bleach creator Tite Kubo reveals emotional truth

Bleach ended three months ago. The feeling that there was still something he needed to do, was constantly on his mind. That’s why, firstly, he used twitter as a platform to say thank you to his readers. After that he revealed a shocking statement, he said he managed to write bleach’s final chapter the way he wanted, after he wrote chapter 1.

This is all thanks to the readers. He has received ten thousands of fan letters over the years. From 3 year old children to 78 year old ladies. He has read and kept every single letter. They helped him push through whenever he felt like giving up. But his health started deteriorating in the 10th year.

Bleach creator tite kubo - Thank you manga part 1
Bleach creator tite kubo – Thank you manga part 1

His doctor told him it was just a cold. In the past, he would get better in a day or so. But this suddenly changed. He would remain bedridden for a week. Whenever JUMP Magazine would have a double issue [and therefore be on a break the next week], he would stay in bed the entire week to rest. But after a while, that stopped working too. Whenever he thought he was better, he would get a cold again, basically it was an endless cycle.

He felt pathetic and he felt that he was failing as a mangaka. A mangaka is someone who delivers a manga with a set quality within a set time. However bleach creator tite kubo’s health was not supporting him. So he thought about this every single day – Should he really continue the series? Should he stop? But the story is only halfway finished. What should he do? How should he end it?

On a certain day he got one fan letter with no name and address on it. The letter was from a sick boy, his medicine stopped working for him and he was hospitalized and bedridden. He was in a condition, where he was not able to enjoy anything. Because whenever he would watch TV or play video games, doing that would remind him of the time he had spent with his friends. He was aware that his disease was not curable, and he wanted to die right away. But he was told to live the rest of the 18 months the way he want.

Bleach creator tite kubo - Thank you manga part 2
Bleach creator tite kubo – Thank you manga part 2

The boy wrote, he decided to immerse himself in the world of manga and that’s where he discovered bleach. Previously he read various manga but he got attracted to bleach. The thought of wanting to read next volume of bleach came into his mind for the first time since his hospitalization where he thought of tomorrow. He wrote bleach changed his world and gave him the meaning and the reason to live, bleach gave him life again.

The boy asked his relatives to send this letter to Bleach creator Tite Kubo after is death, meaning the boy has already passed away. The letter was ended with these words :-

“Kubo-sensei, I have one final request. Please draw BLEACH the way you want to draw it, right until its conclusion. That’s what I want to read.”

At the end Kubo requested his fans to locate the relatives of the boy who wrote this letter to him, even though its a selfish and difficult request :-

“I want to express my gratitude towards him. Because, he is unable to read this thank-you manga.”

Original source – Tenshicave

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