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Boruto Uzumaki 10 unknown facts you should know!!

Boruto Uzumaki Featured

Boruto Uzumaki : We have all adored Naruto because we watched him grow up ever since we were kids. Now his son Boruto Uzumaki is in the limelight and we saw a brief movie on his son’s background! But not many people are aware about few things about Boruto Uzumaki that we’re going to see now! So here are the top 10 unknown facts about Boruto Uzumaki.

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Boruto Uzumaki : Top 10 Unknown facts

01. Boruto is prodigy

Top 10 interesting things - Boruto and Naruto
Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is elite genin unlike his father, he is able to master every technique and jutsu in short amount of time. Many kids adores him and are envious of his skills and Mitsuki even says that, he is bound to become hokage someday! Because of this Boruto became arrogant and freely brags about his abilities. He thinks achieving success is more important than anything which made him neglect on one important factor and that’s team work! Boruto likes doing things alone because of his arrogance.

02. Boruto even made Naruto get serious while sparring with him

Boruto Uzumaki vs Naruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki vs Naruto Uzumaki

When Naruto trained with Boruto prior to his graduation from the academy. For a brief moment in a spar, Naruto forgot that he is fighting with Academy class shinobi and got serious against Boruto.

03. Boruto can use Gentle fist without Byakugan

Boruto Uzumaki using gentle fist
Boruto Uzumaki using gentle fist

As we are aware of the fact, that in Boruto Manga, Boruto is equipped with Byakugan in his right eye, but that type of Byakugan is borrowed from someone else and is not an awakened Byakugan. The mystery to that is not solved yet, but it was revealed, that after Himawari awakened Byakugan, she and Boruto learned “Gentle fist” from Hinata.

04. Boruto has 3 natures Wind, Lightening and Water

Boruto Uzumaki - Lightening release
Boruto Uzumaki – Lightening release

Yes, Boruto has 3 chakra natures and he is skillful with them, He can use Wind release : Gale Plam technique, Lightening release : Purple lightening and Water release : Splash bullet.

05. Boruto Mastered Nature transformation of Rasengan by the time he graduated from Genin

Boruto Uzumaki - Rasengan
Boruto Uzumaki – Rasengan

We all know that in Boruto : Naruto the Movie, Boruto accidently applied Nature transformation to rasengan and made it as disappearing rasengan. However after that by the time he graduated from Genin he already mastered the nature transformation of rasengan thus surpassing his father and grandfather.

06. Boruto is skilled with weapons and is on par with Sasuke

Boruto Uzumaki - Sword
Boruto Uzumaki – Sword

Boruto while training with Sasuke he skillfully mastered the use of weapons such as shurkens kunai and swords and he is able to change the trajectory of the weapons he threw in mid air. Boruto is also skilled in using sword and he carries a sword in Manga that is similar to Sasuke’s sword.

07. Adult Boruto is calm and composed and calculating and smart

Boruto Uzumaki - Grown up
Boruto Uzumaki – Grown up

Adult Boruto calls his child version as a “brat who knows nothing” however, as an adult he is smart, calm and composed and calculating. Even in worst situation he is able to maintain his composure and is able to properly think and take best decision.

08. If Boruto were to become Hokage he would be the strongest of all

Boruto Manga chapter 1
Boruto Uzumaki vs Kawaki

Boruto mentioned at the end of Boruto : Naruto the Movie that he does not want to become Hokage, and aspires to become shinobi like Sasuke who protects the village from shadows, however if he were to become one, then he would be the strongest of all.

09. Boruto is capable candidate for the leader of Hyuga clan

Boruto Uzumaki - Byakugan
Boruto Uzumaki – Byakugan

Boruto’s mother Hinata is from Hyuga clan which makes Boruto and Himawari related to Hyuga clan, Boruto’s skills are so high level and he can also use gentle fist without bykaugan which makes him capable candidate of becoming the leader Hyuga clan. But since he doesn’t posses Byakugan he can’t become the leader, thus leaving Himawari as the only possible┬ácandidate.

10. Boruto has large amount of chakra reserves

Boruto Uzumaki Byakugan Awakening
Boruto Uzumaki Byakugan Awakening

Just like his father Boruto has the large amount of chakra reserves, allowing him to perform all heavy and complex justsu’s and thanks to that he is even able to handle Byakugan which is not made for his body.

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