Code Geass Season 3 & Gintama Final Anime Announced!!

Code Geass Season 3 – On Sunday and Yaraon announced that Code Geass Season 3 TV Anime confirmed the new Season 3 is titled as “Code Geass – Fukkatsu No Lelouch” also known as “Code Geas – Lelouch of Resurrection.

Code Geass Season 3 – Lelouch of Resurrection Details

Not much details about the release of the season 3 is given but we have got details on the plot of Code Geass Season 3. Apparently the main character of the series Lelouch is alive and the story is set several years after Code Geass Zero Requiem.

Code Geass Season 3
Code Geass Season 3

Also a three part movie “Code Geass – Lelouch of Rebellion” will premier in January 2017 and as i said earlier not much details on season 3 are revealed but the anime most likely is set to premier during winter 2017.

Although the new anime is TV Series or Movie is still kept a secret but if we take the new story and title into consideration, it clearly says that Lelouch will comeback and if he is coming back then it must be Code Geass Season 3 or a completely new TV Anime series which is not related to the first two seasons.

One More Surprise Update : Boruto Anime Confirmed, it was announced today in Jump Anime Festa 2016

Gintama Final Anime Details

Gintama Final Anime – Also on Sunday, Otakomu also reported that, TV Tokyo’s official website announced new anime adaptation for Gintama. The anime is most likely returning for the final arc of the series which is currently on-going in the Manga.

Gintama Final Anime
Gintama Final Anime

The previous anime adaptation for Gintama aired from 8th April 2015 to 30th March 2016. Which covered Shinsengumi arc and Shogun arc.  And the new anime which is announced today is set to release on 8th Jan 2017.

One More Surprise Update : Boruto Anime Confirmed, it was announced today in Jump Anime Festa 2016

Ok! I am really hyped for the next year now! We are expected to get some new good anime movies, live action and anime series along with this we are getting code geass season 3 Anime and Gintama Final Anime!! I really can’t wait for it!!

That’s it for today, So what’s your opinion on this news? are you hyped or pissed? what are you expecting from Code Geass Season 3 anime and Gintama Final Anime? I would like to hear your views! Do share it with us via comments.

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