Dragon ball Super Episode 66 Review – Vegeto and Spirit Bomb

Dragon ball Super Episode 66 Review – In the last episode of Dragon ball super we got the fused Zamasu wreaking havoc in the trunks timeline and Goku, Vegeta and Trunks fending off against the attack!! The preview of Dragon ball Super Episode 66 showed vegeto’s appearance, but then that this episode clears all out doubts about vegeto’s fusion and Zamasu’s fusion.

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Dragon ball Super Episode 66 Review

Goku’s BS power up in Dragon ball series history is no new and in this episode it was no exception. The fusion of Zamasu and Black was immensely strong, and our heroes did everything. Trunks and Vegeta even did the father and son galick gun. Which was to be honest an epic moment.

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review - Kaioken SSJ Blue
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review – Kaioken SSJ Blue

However that was not enough, and then Goku used is kamehameha with full power and inflicted a damage on Zamasu’s body and yet he had the reserved power to do a close combat with Zamasu, and then after that he used Kaioken Super saiyan blue to land a blow on Zamasu. Which was nothing but a BS power up.

Explaining Goku’s BS power up

Many people may get angry with the usual BS power up of Goku, but they will understand everything once they think little about this. Originally Goku was main character of the series, now the requirement for the mainstream shounen main character at that time (in the 90’s) was that he should be idiot, simpleton and strong that can draw any amount of power at any given time.

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review Goku
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review Goku

When the episode reaches to the point where the viewers feel that there is no hope left, the first thing they think in that situation is -“Main character will do something!” well i don’t know about all viewers but at least in Japan that’s the case. Since Goku meets all that requirement that’s why Goku’s BS power up will be always there. This was the reason, Goku’s BS power up was no special surprise to me.

Read the spoilers of Dragon ball Super Episode 67

However this time that BS power up was of no use. But it definitely did one thing and that’s weakening Zamasu. The final attack that Goku used weakened Zamasu, Since he is immortal he would stay alive but Son Goku’s body (Black) is not immortal and since the fusion was done between mortal and immortal body the balance was off and Goku Black’s part suffered great damage and that’s why Zamasu turned into half slime like monster.

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review - Vegeta and Goku
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review – Vegeta and Goku

Goku realized that alone they can’t beat Zamasu but together they can, Goku asks for”Potara earrings” or “Kai earrings for fusion. Vegeta was skeptical and was denying but he had no choice. Finally Goku asked one question that we all wanted to know about and that was – “The last time we fused using Portara rings, why did the fusion break?” Gowasu answered, Since you guys are not kaioshins the fusion will only remain for an hour. So that means the permanent fusion can only happen between two kaioshins.

Explaining the Fusion with Potara rings

Old kai and witch
Old kai and witch

You may be wondering that old kai and a witch fused using potara rings earlier, their fusion was permanent even though the witch was not a kaioshin, how in the world is that possible? The answer is pretty simple – You see old kai was a kaioshin and witch that fused with him was not a kaioshin, the kaioshin’s part might have affected the fusion to stay permanent. In case of Vegeto both were just normal humans and not kaioshins and that’s why the fusion was not permanent, it was only limited to an hour.

The plot was adjusted and the fusion of non-kaioshin with potara rings was limited to 1 hour, now why did they do this is still not explained but i think they must have done it to answer the unexplained scene where Goku and Vegeta separated when they were inside Buu’s body. Also Vegeto’s fusion separated earlier than the decided time because he used up all energy that was helping to sustain the fusion, when Vegeto fought with buu he was not serious he was just playing with him, so little energy was used and fusion was sustained till complete 1 hour. However this time Vegeto faught with Zamasu who was giving a tough fight. As a result Vegeto was serious when he fought and more energy was used so the energy needed to sustain the fusion and hence the fusion ended earlier than expected.

Why Trunks was able to use the spirit bomb?

As i said, Vegeto’s fusion separated earlier than the decided time because he used up all energy that was helping to sustain the fusion, Goku and Vegeta were in a dire strait but trunks appeared and saved them. He used his broken sword to defend against Zamasu’s attack using his ki he channeled it towards the broken sword and made it a ki sword and that’s how he was fending off against Zamasu’s attack.

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review - Vegeto
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review – Vegeto

Originally the staff working on the Dragon ball super wanted trunks to save his world this time instead of making Goku and Vegeta do all the work. So because of that trunks was the star of finishing zamasu, Now you guys may think that how did trunks used the spirit bomb? Actually to be honest, trunks did not used the spirit bomb it just happened. The main thing you need in order to use the spirit bomb attack is strong feelings to save the world and the people who are supporting you all the time through thick and thin.

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review - Vegeto SSJ Blue
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review – Vegeto SSJ Blue

Read the spoilers of Dragon ball Super Episode 67

When trunks was fending off Zamasu’s attack, his feelings to save the people and the world and the feelings of the people who were supporting him, were so strong that the energy gathered up and transformed into a spirit bomb. Since the number of living people on the earth was less the spirit bomb was small in size however that was more than enough to give the trunks the power boost he needed in order to defeat Zamasu and since the fight with Vegeto made Zamasu pretty weak the attack that trunks used on Zamasu had more effect!

Dragon ball super episode 66 Review - Trunks's Spirit Bomb
Dragon ball super episode 66 Review – Trunks’s Spirit Bomb

Finally trunks split zamasu in half, like he did with frieza long time ago. I liked how they referred to the old scene from Dragon ball Z it was definitely the nostalgia. Also the art and animation for this episode was good so the episode was thoroughly enjoyable.

Explaining the preview of next episode – Omni King’s appearance

In the next episode Omni King will appear and add the finishing touch to the Future trunks saga, meaning the Future trunks saga will end in the next episode. If you are really interested to know the reason behind the omni king’s appearance then you can read the spoilers which were released yesterday by @herms98. These spoilers are confirmed spoilers which tells the next episode will be the end of Future trunks saga.

Read the spoilers of Dragon ball Super Episode 67

Wrapping up

Once again this was an excellent episode which i thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ll be honest here Future trunks saga was the most enjoyable saga in the entire dragon ball super!!

Overall episode raing

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