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Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Complete Explanation

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Last to last week “Dragon ball Super – Future Trunks Arc” finally ended. However there are many things which were not explained, hence in this article we will review the arc once again and we will try to analyze and explain as many scenarios as we can. Also this article is going to be long one, So bear with it.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Complete Explanation

Note : Those who have not watched the series or those who still have not started with the arc. I will warn you here, Before moving ahead, please keep in mind that this article contains spoilers, so if you do not want to be spoiled then please don’t read ahead. Also, there were few things i explained it earlier in detail and i have given necessary links to those article below you can check it.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Story Review

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 - Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 – Black Goku

In the Future, trunks encountered a new enemy that looks exactly like “Son Goku,” known as Goku Black The enemy was so strong that the humanity on the planet earth in future was on the verge of extinction. Bulma somehow gathers feul for the time machine in the one year’s time span, So that trunks can travel to the past and bring Goku and Vegeta to future to help them. While handling the fuel container to Trunks, her hideout was ambushed by the enemy and in that Bulma sacrificed herself so that Trunks can escape with the fuel.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Goku Black’s and his identity

Trunks did mention that “Black now started to sense my Ki.” Which raised questions regarding Black’s identity, since Son Goku in that timeline was dead and his body was disintegrated many of us thought that he was an android. But the Potara ring on his ear made us think that he was a Kai, who has borrowed Goku’s body and since that body is borrowed vessel he was not used to it and hence was having trouble in sensing ki but he was able to do it. This kai who borrowed Goku’s body was so strong that even Super saiyan trunks was no match for him.

Dragonball super episode 47 - Black Goku Smile
Dragonball super episode 47 – Black Goku Smile

However a kai borrowing Goku’s body raised more concerns, If Goku in future is dead and his body is no more than how someone could have borrowed his body? At that time many of us began thinking that he must have used Dragon balls, but since Piccolo in trunks timeline died and there was no dende in that timeline the Dragon balls also vanished. That’s when everyone began speculating that Super Dragon Balls must have been used and if Black is really a Kai, him using Super Dragon balls is a possible speculation.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Investigating things

Anyways Trunks some how managed to travel back to the past where he explained all the thing to “Z Warriors,” Black also arrived through the same wormhole using the ring which he called as “Time ring,” it was for short amount but Goku and Black managed to spar with each other but both were having ulterior motives in their mind. Goku was sparing to test Black strength and Black was sparring so he could memorize Goku’s movements in order to get used to his body.

Dragon ball super episode 59 - Zamasu
Dragon ball super episode 59 – Zamasu

In that little spar both got the things they want but it was revealed that Black had the mysterious ability to power up during battle, usually saiyans power up after finishing the battles but Black was powering up in between the battles which gave us conformation that he is not a siayan. Before Black was dragged back to the future, God of destruction Beerus and Whis who were present their noticed the time ring that Black was wearing. After Black went to the future, they disclosed what they saw to the people – The ring black was wearing was a time ring that only a Kaioshin can wear.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 - Zamasu vs Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 – Zamasu vs Goku

One more thing they discovered that the Ki that black was emitting is different and it doesn’t belong to Goku, however it belongs to the kai of Universe 10. Since the time machine was destroyed by the Black, it would take some time for Bulma to fix it. In that time period Goku and Beerus went to universe 10 to investigate about Black’s identity there they found kai who name was Zamasu, who certainly harbors hatred towards human. Goku challenged him to spar to test out his moves and ki, although the moves were different, Ki was bit similar but it wasn’t exactly similar. Which gave us a conclusion that Black and Zamasu are two different beings.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Trunks training which was not shown

Dragon ball Super Episode 67 - Trunks
Dragon ball Super Episode 67 – Trunks

After coming back to earth Goku and others explained everything they found out and after that trunks and vegeta had a training session which was really useful for trunks new transformation. During that spar vegeta showed SSJ Blue to trunks and at that time he was not able to sense his god ki. But after trunks went though training and new transformation he was able to sense it. However we will come to that later.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Fights in the future

Goku and Vegeta went to the future where the fought with Black and at that time Black was able to transform into pink colored super saiyan which he named it as super saiyan rose. It was all thanks to the little spar he had with Goku, Black memorized Goku’s move and achieved super saiyan rose form. The color was pink because of two reason

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review - Super saiyan rose
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54-57 Review – Super saiyan rose

Since the enemy was named as Goku Black, they needed a transformation suitable to that name and hence the super saiyan transformation which Black achieved was pink in color and named as “Rose” which also indicates the Black rose. Meaning beautiful yet black at that time it was pretty much revealed that Black is a god, so the term beautiful indicated the term god and Black indicated the evil god. The second reason was because of the Black god ki, originally Super saiyan ki color is gold but is purple-black god ki made it looked like rose pink and hence the name was given as Super saiyan rose.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Shin, Whis and Beerus
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Shin, Whis and Beerus

Well though i am certainly not convinced that Purple-Black Ki and Yellow color ki becomes Rose pink color, but yeah you need something to suit the name right? Anyways because of that transformation Vegeta and Goku were cornered and Zamasu also entered the stage. The Zamasu in future was immortal and that was a quite heavy thing for Trunks Vegeta and Goku because of which they lost and somehow managed to return back to the past. After coming back they explained everything. Thanks to that Whis and Beerus came to one conclusion, Zamasu used Super Dragon balls to become immortal and then used it again after a year to create Black. However he is not the type of person who can wait so he must have used the time ring to travel back to the future and must have used the Dragon balls.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Destroying Zamasu of Goku’s timeline

Now that it was confirmed that Zamasu will use the time ring, it was also obvious that he will kill the old kai of universe 10 and will wear the kai ring and after that he will use the time ring, and with the news they received that Zamasu was researching about Goku and super dragon balls, the hypothesis that Whis and Beerus came with became true and hence they went to Zamasu’s universe to stop and destroy him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 - Zamasu vs Beerus
Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 – Zamasu vs Beerus

Zamasu in the universe 10 gets ready to kill the old kai Gowasu, and Beerus and Whis decided to let Zamasu do his job. That’s because they need a proof that can prove Zamasu guilty, once they witness Zamasu killing the old kai Gowasu. Whis reverses time back to 3 minutes and the second time Zamasu goes to kill Gowasu, he stops him. After that Beerus and others reveals Zamasu’s true ambition and destroys Zamasu. After that they visit back to the earth where Beerus says since i have destroyed Zamasu in this time, it must have affected your time and everything must be alright. However, Trunks was bit skeptical about this so he takes Goku and others with him and after arriving there they noticed nothing was changed.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Explaining the timelines and parallel world.

We also get a clarification and in fact you could say it as revelation on Goku Black’s identity.  Goku Black is Zamasu himself, with the help of Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu exchanged bodies with Goku similar to how Captain Ginyu exchanged bodies with Goku. After that he killed Goku and that’s how Zamasu became Goku Black. Here is a bit detailed explanation so you can understand :-

So first we will create three separate timelines for all the Zamasu’s we have seen in Dragon ball super until now!

  • Timeline A – Zamasu from this timeline was destroyed by beerus. (Our Goku’s timeline)
  • Timeline B – Zamasu from this timeline exchanged body with Goku. (Black Goku’s timeline)
  • Timeline C – Zamasu from this timeline became immortal. (Future trunks and Immortal Zamasu’s timeline)

How did Zamasu initiated his plans?

Dragon ball Super Episode 61 - Goku Black kills Goku and his Family
Dragon ball Super Episode 61 – Goku Black kills Goku and his Family

In Timeline A Beerus, Whis and Goku went to investigate about black and during that time Goku met with Zamasu and in spar Zamasu lost. From that time he started hating humans more and started planning for annihilating them. However he was destroyed by Beerus.

In Timeline B Same thing happened Zamasu lost in spar with Goku but without wasting anytime he initiated his plans. He killed Gowasu stole the time rings. Exchanged bodies with Goku killed his family. Finally he took another time ring and went to future trunks timeline.

In Timeline C when Zamasu (Goku Black) arrived in future trunks time, he killed Zamasu and gave Zamasu from that timeline, the kai earring and the time ring. Future trunks time’s Zamasu, Made wish with Super dragon balls and became immortal.

Further to make sure that no one uses them, they destroyed the dragon balls. Also they killed all the gods except zeno and dominated the future trunks timeline. What i meant to say is that, in future trunks timeline Zamasu and Black are the only gods, if you exclude zeno.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 - Zamasu and Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episode 51-53 – Zamasu and Black Goku

Black also revealed what he did to Goku’s family after killing him, Goku got pretty angry when he heard that Zamasu killed Chi Chi and Goten using his body, he got so enraged that Goku charged towards black and almost defeats him, even immortal zamasu was nothing in front of him. He was only alive because he was immortal otherwise he would have died, however the one last thing Goku did which resulted in his loss is – He waited for few minutes before delivering the final blow because of which, Black’s power increased and finally he defeated Goku. If Goku would have not waited for few minutes he would have at least defeated Black but the thing called “Plot Armour” is supported Zamasu and Black.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Trunks new transformation

Black and Zamasu accuses trunks that he is responsible for destruction of this world – If he had not made time machine and saved Goku who was about to die because of a heart disease. Zamasu would not have been able to exchanged bodies with Goku and kill his family. But because he saved him and new parallel worlds were born where Goku was alive. So ultimately the history was changed, as changing time or travelling to past and changing history is considered as great taboo.Zamasu and Black used this reason to accuse him for world’s destruction.

Trunks new transformation
Trunks new transformation

Angry trunks went through a new transformation, it was a mixture of god ki and super saiyan. At first glance it sounds as a bullshit power up but it becomes quite reasonable because in the past he did trained with Vegeta and i did mentioned in this article earlier that because of that training he was able to achieve this new hybrid form. However that training part was not shown at all, but the spar between Vegeta and Trunks that happened in the past is the valid reason that Trunks must have trained under Vegeta’s tutelage.

Although we have not got any explanation on that transformation here is my hypothesis and explanation, if you’re interested in reading you can check that out – Trunks new Transformation explained.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Mafuba training

Trunks take on Black Goku and Zamasu and he puts a great fight. On the other hand, he knows that even he is powered up he can’t defeat Black and Zamasu with his strength alone. So he decides to hold them back and tells Vegeta and the others to go back to the past and think of a way to defeat Black and Zamasu.

Dragon ball super 62 Episode -Explaining things
Dragon ball super 62 Episode -Explaining things

After returning to the past Bulma gets angry on Beerus for saying everything will change and for acting so laid back. Vegeta explains everything to Beerus and Whis. After that everyone arrives there and Bulma reveals everything. Piccolo realizes that there is one way to defeat them and he tells them about sealing technique called Mafuba. Which is used to seal people

What is Mafuba? or Evil containment wave?

If you have not watched the old Dragon ball Series in which Goku was a kid, then you might not know about this Mafuba technique. So allow me to give you a little history lesson, Back then when Goku was kid, King Piccolo (Piccolo’s father) terrorized the world. During that time Master Roshi’s sensei learned a sealing technique called Mafuba or the Evil containment wave and sealed King Piccolo in a container and died.

Dragon ball super 62 Episode - Mafuba
Dragon ball super 62 Episode – Mafuba

Yes Mafuba is a sealing technique which is used to seal evil beings but its forbidden to use because after using this people will die. So basically that’s a very risky technique! Muten roshi used it in the past on King piccolo and died. But he was revived by dragon ball. Goku decides to ask Muten Roshi (Master Roshi) to teach him the technique, so he visits him. Seeing that Goku is in need of such risky technique makes him wonder who the hell he is fighting with? But seeing Goku’s resolution he decides him to teach the technique. Whereas Vegeta on the other hand trains alone.

Beerus and Whis discuss matters with Gowasu. Finally Gowasu agrees to do something to stop Zamasu and Black. Since Beerus can’t travel the future he can’t take matters in his own hands and hence he asks Gowasu to do something.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Saiyan prince Vegeta and Black’s weakness

Once again after returning to past – Vegeta confronts Black while Goku fights the immortal Zamasu. Vegeta beat the shit out of Black and weakens him.

Dragon ball Super Episode 63 - Vegeta vs Black
Dragon ball Super Episode 63 – Vegeta vs Black

When Black asks for the difference in power, Vegeta answers – “You borrowed body of Goku which he trained it through countless battles he fought, but for you its just a borrowed vessel. You can’t master or take complete control of his saiyan genes since you’re fake that’s why you are weak, and one more reason is, You are fake and i am a pure saiyan prince!”

I have explained Black’s weakness that Vegeta spoke about in detail here which also reveals the secret behind achieving Super saiyan rose – Goku black’s constant power up during battle explained.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Some of the bullshit that happened

Fight continues between Vegeta and Goku Black and Goku and Immortal Zamasu. However we see that Zamasu and Black soon gain upper hand over our heroes as Black unleashes his new weapon. A scythe that can cut through space and time and can create clones of its wielder.

The new scythe can cut through anything, space-time and even Zamasu but when Vegeta asks to Black that, what in the world did he do? Black says he himself is not aware of what this new weapon does. Vegeta and Goku are soon cornered by Zamasu and Black thanks to their new weapon which manages to create clones that cannot disappear.

Bullshit that happened – Using that Zamasu and Black attacks Goku and Vegeta, However Immortal Zamasu soon shifts his gaze towards Bulma and company who are trying to fix the time machine. Mai who notices that warns Trunks and Bulma who are in the garage repairing time machine, On the other hand Trunks who manages fix Mafuba jar desires to stall Zamasu.

Dragon ball super episode 64 - Trunks using Mafuba
Dragon ball super episode 64 – Trunks using Mafuba

Bulma knowing that Trunks won’t last long enough against the immortal person she suggests him learn and use Mafuba while she seduces the Immortal Zamasu to buy time. Although the instance he was going to kill bulma, Trunks appears and he goes through flashback where his mom (old bulma) was killed by black, and then uses Mafuba on Zamasu and seals him in a Jar.

Goku just trained for hours and hours at Master Roshi and Trunks manages to master in the time of few minutes. Its not like because he is Genius, even Goku is Genuis as you may recall that he mastered Kamehameha by seeing it, but even he practiced for hours to master Mafuba and Trunks on the other hand was able to master in the span of Minutes.

Maybe the wanted to add a bit emotional factor to justify the trunks using Mafuba by showing death of old bulma as a flashback but no matter how you look at it that was still bullshit.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Vegeto’s fusion and Trunks Spirit Bomb explained 

Zamasu and Black fused because Zamasu was terrified of getting sealed, their power level also merged and multiplied and increased several times. Since both were gods their existence became something which even surpasses the status and level of usual gods. Gowasu and Shin themselves mentioned that, “Now they both have merged their power surpasses us gods!” Also they are able to create a spiritual angels thanks to the big halo behind them.

Goku and Vegeta somehow confronts the new Zamasu and their attacks, Kamehameh and Galic gun but it was of no use Kamehameha does have some effect but still Zamasu stays strong.  Goku used is kamehameha with full power and inflicted a damage on Zamasu’s body and yet he had the reserved power to do a close combat with Zamasu, and then after that he used Kaioken Super saiyan blue to land a blow on Zamasu. Which was nothing but a bullshit  power up.

Vegeto SSJ Blue Appearance in super

Goku realized that alone they can’t beat Zamasu but together they can, Goku asks for”Potara earrings” or “Kai earrings for fusion. Vegeta was skeptical and was denying but he had no choice. Finally Goku asked one question that we all wanted to know about and that was – “The last time we fused using Portara rings, why did the fusion break?” Gowasu answered, Since you guys are not kaioshins the fusion will only remain for an hour. So that means the permanent fusion can only happen between two kaioshins.

You may think that the plot was adjusted and Vegeto’s fusion was made limited but when last time Goku and Vegeta fused they got separated and Goku did mentioned that, “it must be possible that we are not Kaioshin hence we were separated.” I watched the episode when Vegeto first appeared and confirmed the dialogue said by Goku. The plot of Dragon ball super was just adjusted according to that scenario.

For more detail explanation check this out – Vegeto’s fusion explained. Also if you’re interested you can check out the detail explanation that how trunks was able to use the spirit bomb and spirit sword : Trunks spirit bomb and spirit sword explained.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Ending explained 

Everyone expected Vegeto to finish the job, but since Vegeto’s appearance was limited and trunks became the hero by slicing the Zamasu in half everyone thought it as a bullshit but in fact those who think like that are forgetting one thing. And that is, the arc is based on Future Trunks and certainly if you won’t end that arc with Goku and Vegeta solving problem it will feel that trunks was useless. So its trunks who needs to solve his own problems, and while he does that Goku and Vegeta can only provide him the necessary support.

Well and ending the arc with zeno was also a good thing they did –  Dragon ball Super is series which focuses on the world of Gods that exists in the world of Dragon ball series. So if the arc would have ended where Trunks sliced Zamasu and finished him and then everything became good or if the animators would have showed Zeno destroying Zamasu only. Then this would have become the most obvious outcome.

Dragon ball Super Episode 67 - Trunks and Zamasu
Dragon ball Super Episode 67 – Trunks and Zamasu

But instead they showed Zeno destroying the entire universe along with Future trunks world. Which was quite unexpected, and so i think that this type of end is good. It made viewers realize that not every ending can be happy and not everything can be fixed with Dragon balls. Also they showed that God is the ultimate being that treats everyone with equality be it evil or good. So destroying the entire universe was a kind of lesson, that one should never misuse his authority otherwise karma will kick him even if he is a good person.

Also one thing must have confused everyone and that is, Whis offering help to trunks and mai at the end. Whis gives an offer, that its possible to go to the world which is not destroyed by Zamasu. He will personally come to the future too and tell Beerus of that time to take care of Zamasu. Beerus tells them that there is no need to do this unnecessary thing. In that world if Zamasu is destroyed by other me another time ring will be born and thus give birth to new parallel world and things will repeat.

Dragon ball Super Episode 67 - Zeno
Dragon ball Super Episode 67 – Zeno

Everyone had the same doubt, however Whis reveals that he has something that will stop that endless cycle and its even better than Mafuba. Goku and Vegeta were puzzled by the fact, that if gods have something like that then for what reason we fought? Beerus tells them, that they rely on god’s power too much. So it was Beerus indirectly telling them that you guys need to find solution on your own and if that’s not possible that you need to manage or endure but you should never rely on god’s power.

I guess they wanted to show gods as almighty beings who are out of the reach of human relam. So from the beginning of the future trunks arc if gods would have intervened. The arc would have ended earlier than expected but at the same time it would have looked plain. So its also possible that they wanted to show god as almighty being and also wanted to extend the plot at the same time. Also they wanted to show that god will only appear when there is no solution to the crises and will show you the way to solve the problem. Whis’s offer and Zeno destroying Zamasu was nothing but an indication that this was the start of the new life for Future Trunks.

Dragon ball Super Future Trunks Saga – Wrapping up

So that’s it for today, i have explained the entire arc in detail as much as it was possible. Well there were few things i explained it earlier in detail and i have given necessary links to those article above you can check it. Either way, i know this is late but i would like to hear your views on this entire arc. So do let me know via comments.

Overall arc rating

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