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Dragon ball Super Gohan – What will happen if he really returns?

Dragon ball Super Gohan – At the end of the Dragon ball Super Future Trunks arc, we saw Gohan wishing Trunks goodbye, and he was in fact in his mystic form or well at least his hair was like that and he was not wearing glasses. It could be possible that he might be training alone and he must have heard it from piccolo that Trunks is leaving for future and he rushed back to see him off.

Dragon ball Super Episode 67 - Gohan Trunks and Mai
Dragon ball Super Episode 67 – Gohan Trunks and Mai

So basically what i mean is, even if Gohan rushed back at his full speed he wouldn’t sweat and breath heavily over something like that, and he don’t wear glasses while fighting. So its possible that he was really training which might be the reason behind his heavy sweating and breathing, and when he heard that Trunks was leaving he rushed back as it is without taking a break.

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Dragon ball Super Gohan – What will happen if he really returns?

A lot of people got disappointed when they saw Gohan in Resurrection of F, and they started talking about how Toriyama screwed up his character.

Dragon ball Super Gohan – The argument

Some people said it was OK since Gohan was never a fighter, yes he is a Saiyan he had some great potential but he don’t have that Saiyan lust for fighting. Even at cell games Piccolo told Goku that listen, he is not like you and Vegeta. So i don’t think you’re doing a right thing Goku.

Gohan Super Saiyan 2
Gohan Super Saiyan 2

Piccolo understood Gohan because he raised him when Goku was killed in a battle with Raditz and the way Chi-Chi raised him sums up the the reason why he doesn’t have a lust for fighting. On the other hand some people are like banding up together and are saying “Make Gohan Great Again!!”

Dragon ball Super Gohan – What i think

Well i agree with them to a point, but you know, who will protect earth if Goku and Vegeta suddenly disappear? Piccolo, kid Trunks and Goten aren’t strong enough, so at that time Gohan will be the only one with a potential to stand up against the adversaries, since he is the only one who can surpass Goku and Vegeta.

In Dragon ball Super Gohan realized in fight against Frieza, that the way he is now, he is not strong enough to protect his family and that’s why he need to train! He needs to become strong to protect his family and so he started training. So when Gohan came to see Trunks off, i think that he was training at that time. Since he heard what was going on with Future Trunks and was angry that how he couldn’t realized this? and that hit him hard and so he must have started training even harder.

Dragon ball Super Gohan
Dragon ball Super Gohan

Also, i think Gohan shouldn’t stay bookworm and need to man up himself and get ready to fight, because Dragon ball Super have adversaries that even Goku and Vegeta will have hard time to deal with, Zamasu proved it in the Future Trunks arc and Gohan is the best choice for providing support in the times of need. Because when the whole world is in danger, you really can’t rely on someone else and hope everything will be OK, you need to stand and fight! Gohan is doing a decent job as a scholar to support is family which Goku is not capable of doing but he also needs to be strong so that he can protect those near and dear to him.

In real world the situation is not this over exaggerated but yes we often see people fighting against bad things when its necessary and that’s why i think that Gohan’s character should be like that. Chi-Chi is like when Goku and Vegeta are there you don’t need to worry about the world. But in Dragon ball Super Gohan realized that if in some or the other case my family ends up in the danger and Goku and Vegeta could not make up in time at that time i should be strong enough to defend and save my family and world.

Can Gohan catch up to Goku and Vegeta now they have achieved SSJ Blue?

Everyone is saying that even if Gohan returns he won’t be able to catch up Goku and Vegeta, However they are missing a point here – Gohan has gotten weaker because he didn’t trained, what i mean is in DBZ he didn’t utilized his potential as a Saiyan and a fighter which was even greater than Goku and Vegeta. If he really became serious like Goku and Vegeta, about fighting and protecting earth then his potential as a Saiyan and a fighter will take him to even greater heights surpassing even Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon ball Super Gohan SSJ Blue
Dragon ball Super Gohan SSJ Blue

Since he is a mix breed, like Future Trunks so he maybe able achieve and do things that even Goku and Vegeta are not capable of doing. Like he can achieve mix power of SSJ and SSJ Blue like Future Trunks did, Because just training with piccolo he was able to achieve his mystic form and he was ultimately able to grasp his sealed potential once again. At this time Gohan is the most unpredictable character in Dragon ball Super. Which must be the reason, that studio must be teasing his return at the end of Future Trunks arc.


At this point its really impossible to predict what will happen if Gohan really returned in dragon ball super, but it will make the series even more interesting since we will get three great fighters – Goku, Vegeta and Gohan.

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