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Dragon ball Super New Arc from Dec 18 – Goku’s assassination!!

Dragon ball Super New Arc Visual

Dragon ball Super New Arc – Finally dragon ball super future trunks arc is coming to end, however there wasn’t any info on the new arc that will start after future trunks arc. But now finally we got some details on the new arc thanks to Yonkouprod and from the sneak preview i think this arc is going to be an epic one!

Dragon ball Super New Arc from Dec 18

V-Jump is announcing in the Janurary 2017 issue of the magazine that the anime Dragon ball super is entering a new arc. The magazine will focus on the story of an assassin that will come from universe 7 to kill Goku. The magazine also reveals new key visual for the arc, which features Hit from Universe 7 and Goku.

Dragon ball Super New Arc
Dragon ball Super New Arc

The following is the translated synopsis from V-Jump :-

“Goku is in danger!? The strongest assassin comes to the 7th universe to kill Goku!! The assassin is ordered by an unknown individual.”

The story also reveals the name of the episodes that are featured in the new arc, prior to its debut.

November 27:”Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!”
December 4: “Goku vs Arale! The earth comes to an end due to their battle?”
December 11: “Challenge from Champa! Let’s fight in baseball!”
December 18: “Goku dies! Assassination order that must be performed.”

Original Source – Yonkouprod

Future trunks arc will end this coming Sunday i.e on November 20th and it looks like we will get some mini filler episodes on November 27th, 4th December and 11th December. For now we just have to wait for more details, which i guess will be revealed on Sunday right after the new episode of Dragon ball Super is released.

Anyways do tell your opinion on this news and what do you think about this new arc.

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