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Funanimation licenses Dragon ball super for English dub!!

Funanimation licenses dragon ball super – Funanimation announced on Friday that, they are finally going to dub Dragon ball Super in English. They mentioned that they have entered a Multi-year agreement with Toei-Animation to license Dragon ball Super in USA and Canada.

Funanimation licenses dragon ball super for English dub

As i said the agreement is Multi-year agreement with Toei Animation, Which covers license for Digital download, Home video distribution, Broadcast, Streaming and Merchandising. FunanimationNow Streaming service has added the previously aired 1-64 episodes of Dragon ball Super with English Subtitle and will began the simulcast session with episode 65 on Friday.

Earlier, The Dragon ball z English dub voice actor of Vegeta, Christopher Sabot tweeted the status of Dragon ball super English dub in which he wrote “Dragon ball super English dub = Wait for it!” Christopher Sabot also further twitted that he will keep a convenient status update on his twitter profile regarding the Dragon ball super English dub and mentioned his fans to check out on more updates that will be done in future! Read more about – Christopher Sabot’s tweet

Funanimation licenses dragon ball super
Funanimation licenses dragon ball super

However at that time we were not sure about the details about the Dragon ball Super English dub, like when they are going to release it and so on.. But this time Funanimation gave a clear confirmation that Dragon ball Super is licensed which will allow them to work on English dub. However they have not mentioned anything about the release of Dragon ball Super English Dub.

Other details

On 5th July 2016 Dragon ball super will complete a year of its release. The series received many criticisms because of its art and animation and re-capped episodes from the movie Dragon Ball Z Movie battle of gods and Dragon Ball Z Movie resurrection of frieza.

The story of Dragon ball super wrapped up these re-capped episodes and soon moved towards the intergalactic world martial arts tournament between the fighters of Universe six and Universe seven, We saw Dragon god – Golden Dragon and now the series is currently on going with the darkest arc in the entire dragon ball history that once again involves Future trunks and the evil version of our hero Goku also known as Black Goku or Goku Black.

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