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Koe no katachi manga review – Heart gripping sad yet calm story!!

Koe no katachi manga review – Like i got the chance to watch One Piece Film Gold, Kimi No Na Wa and Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni Movie. I didn’t got the chance to watch Koe No Katachi due to some personal matters. However, i couldn’t wait longer and i finally decided to read the Manga. Originally i was not going to review the Manga version of Koe No katachi. However story struck me so hard that i thought, the manga needs a review.

I will review the movie too and i won’t reveal any spoiler in this manga review, considering that movie and manga has the same story. The difference in the execution of the overall story will decide the difference between movie and manga. So i decided not to reveal any kind of spoiler in this review.


Ishida Shouya bullies a deaf girl, Nishimiya Shouko, to the point that she transfers to another school. As a result, he is ostracized and bullied himself with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future.

This is the story of his path to redemption.

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Koe no katachi manga review

As the above synopsis says at the end, this is the story of redemption. For those who have not read the manga and those who have not watched the movie, and have watched the trailer. Let me tell you that the trailer gives you an image of a unique romance story between a deaf girl and normal boy. However the story may seem a romantic one, trust me its not. Its a serious and heart gripping story that will drown you in the pool of tears.

The above synopsis gives you a brief outlook of what’s the manga is going to show you but still allow me to explain you the story, so it will give me a base to organize my review.

Koe no katachi manga review – Story

As the synopsis says Koe No Katachi is a manga which shows a boy’s path to redemption. In this Manga we have a boy named “Ishida Shouya” and a girl who is deaf, named “Nishimiya Shouko.” Shouya bullies Shouko to the point that she transfer schools and later he suffers through Karma and get bullied in elementary and junior high school.

Koe No Katachi Manga Review - Nishimiya Shouko
Koe No Katachi Manga Review – Nishimiya Shouko

During that brief period, he does realize his mistake but at the same point he becomes alone to the point that he can’t hold a proper conversation with anyone and in return he gets ignored because of that.

Now in High School Shouya meets Shouko once again and he decides to give all happy moments back to her, which she lost because of him. This Manga shows the Ishida Shouyo’s path of redemption with a bitter sweet calm yet heart gripping story.

Koe no katachi manga review – views and plot execution

The very first thing which i liked about the Manga is topic, I’ll be honest here we have got a manga on bullying called “LIFE” which shows the main character standing against bullying. However this manga (Koe no Katachi) does the exact opposite things. First it shows the main boy bullying the main girl and then it shows main boy’s path to redemption. This kind sequence i have not seen in manga until now (well at least in all the mangas i have read until now.)

Koe No Katachi Manga Review - Shouko
Koe No Katachi Manga Review – Shouko

The first part shows bullying, then the second part shows Shouya’s suffering and realization, the third part shows, Shouya’s efforts to atone for all the sins he committed and that’s where the actual story starts. First it was only Nishimiya Shouko and Ishida Shouya, however their group starts to grow but the question still remains except for Shouya and Shouko and two more characters, the rest all others are really being friends to them? or they are just in the group for their own convenience? The manga has all kind of characters with these below mentioned personalities which are not new.

  • 01 – The guy who was once a bully now walking a path to redemption
  • 02 – The girl who was once a victim of bullying who’s trying to be strong
  • 03 – The cool guy who was once a victim of bullying
  • 04 – The girl who wants to be the center of attraction
  • 05 – The girl who wants to change
  • 06 – The girl who cares for her sister (the main girl shouko)
  • 05 – Strict mom who is weak in real
  • 06 – Happy mom who is always smiling but is sad inside
  • 07 – The girl who keeps messing things up and creates problem just because she is jealous of the main girl
  • 08 – The ignorant friends who were once related to main guy but neglects him despite everything they know
  • 09 – The eccentric guy who acts cool and strong but he is not
  • 10 – The grandmother who cares and knows how weak the strict mother is
Koe No Katachi Manga Review - Chapter 52
Koe No Katachi Manga Review – Chapter 52

These are the personalities of all the characters and they are nothing new because we have seen such character in many anime series and manga series in a different way, but even though they feel new to us and that’s because the sequence, the concept, the story and the different circumstances in which they are brought together are different.

As i mentioned earlier, their group starts to grow but the question still remains except for Shouya and Shouko, two more characters, the rest all others are really being friends to them? or they are just in the group for their own convenience? To reconfirm that a certain incident happens in manga where their group breaks apart and after that a tragic accident happens (no deaths) and after that everyone tries to reconfirm their feelings towards their friendship. After that they face each other with true face and no more fake emotions.

The tragic accident, may feel as over exaggeration but in my case that was one of the necessary thing for character development and to build further relationship which leads to a happy end. From the first chapter itself you get an impression that this story is going to have a happy ending but you don’t know how its growing to progress. That’s why when i read the manga and when i saw the tragic accident, all the things happened right from the chapter 1 gave me a confirmation that this accident was the key point or you could say a turning point of the manga which marks the start of the happy end.

Koe no katachi manga review – things i liked and things i not liked

Koe No Katachi Manga Review - Chapter 45
Koe No Katachi Manga Review – Chapter 45

The author did well in balancing viewers feelings of hate and love which they feel for characters. At the start you will hate the main guy for bullying the main girl and slowly and steadily, you start to feel for him that yes, he suffered a lot and he is struggling to fix things up, so its time to forgive him. Although you will hate a certain girl who keeps messing till the end but still you will realize that she is not bad. She is just Tsundere and she has her own problems and her own reason.

The author also did well in balancing the feelings of the two main character, which at the end allowed them to reach a single conclusion. I also liked how the author made every character related to other which was a big help in completing the story. Thanks to that no single character from the main group was left out and their backgrounds are well explained. Finally i liked how he ended the manga, he did not conclude the story but he made it end in this way that i felt, the story moved towards the new beginning.

The only thing i not liked in this manga is the art, facial expressions were all weird for me. I was not able to tell what the characters were feeling. The female characters were good but i really can’t say the same thing about the male characters. Especially i felt that Nishimiya Shouko’s character design was more polished compared to others. But rest assured the art and animation is better in the movie. Since its animated by KyoAni Studio.

Koe no katachi manga review – Awareness and Raising concerns

This manga did two important things and that is raising concerns and awareness towards school bullying and towards the people who have physical problems. School bullying is bad and most of the time people with physical problems suffer from it. Also it showed that if the bully realizes the mistake and try to atone it gives you a brief overview on what consequences he might face or how he might suffer.

Koe No Katachi Manga Review - Shouko and Shouya
Koe No Katachi Manga Review – Shouko and Shouya

Also it shows the ways to overcome it. Which i liked it, as i am also a person who has physical problem. Even though i was not bullied and was blessed with good friends but by seeing how this manga raises awareness and concerns over people like me i finally began to understand the other side of the big picture. Which might be the reason why i am emotionally attached to this manga.

Wrapping up

The manga was good, instead of calling it as the best manga ever, i would say that it was more emotionally gripping. Reading this certainly makes me hyped for the movie. Although i am really concerned about how they fit such detailed story in the movie. So i think there might be some plot holes but that’s something later we can discuss.

Overall Manga Rating

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