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Sakura Haruno – Useful or Useless? Finally answered!!

Sakura Haruno – As the title suggest we are going to do the character analysis of Sakura and see if she is really a useless character like the hater says? or she is a great characters like the Sakura fans says? the result is yet not known. But still the war between Sakura haters and Sakura lovers continue. So we decided to do a little character analysis that may decide the actual result.

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Many of our fans requested to write something on this topic although we neglected the request because opinion is something which is not equal and which really can’t be equal no matter how hard you try it. Hence instead of writing something which may cause another war, we thought that this character analysis will help you a bit in finding what you want.

Naruto Shippuden Sakura Haruno’s Character analysis

Sakura as a kid

When Sakura Haruno was a kid, kids of her age used to tease her because of her hair and forehead and even her father was no exception. In the forests of Konoha she made her secret hideout where she used to try all the methods because of which she can good looks but those efforts she did ended up as a failure.

Kid Sakura Haruno
Kid Sakura Haruno

During that period she meets Ino Yamanaka, who gives her the red ribbon which she even wears when she is grown up. She made the shy Sakura a confident girl. However Ino and Sakura both were after Sasuke and because of which their friendship turned into rivalry and they started to keep distance.

Sakura in academy days

Since Sasuke was a genius, Sakura with her confident attitude became a good academy student so that Sasuke can notice her, however she was not really a combat type. She was a genjutsu type so her abilities mostly relied on the keen mind, sense and thorough analysis.

Sakura Haruno - Genin
Sakura Haruno – Genin

Although her level in taijutsu and ninjutsu never went down despite she not being a combat type, is a concrete evidence that she gained complete mastery over chakra control. The only reason her combat abilities did not increase from a certain level because she was not aware how to use that chakra control in the battle, also she never tried to explore the possibilities. Later Tsunade solved that problem and made her strong, but we will get to that later.

Sakura as a genin

In the genin days, Sakura’s rivalry with Ino continued but at the same time as friends they were more close. So if you ask me to explain or give a simple example then, just try to image Naruto and Sasuke’s friendship after the final fight that took place between them. Its something like that, Regarding the chakra control and genjutsu expertise Sakura was better than Sasuke and Naruto but her abilities were limited to that.

Sakura Haruno - Genin Ninja
Sakura Haruno – Genin Ninja

Her combat strength was lacking, So when Sasuke left the village, she was useless at that time because if she went to fight, her combat abilities won’t cope up with Sasuke’s increased strength as well as the second reason for her being useless at that time is her resolve to confront Sasuke which was lacking. At that time she knew that Naruto was the only one who understood her and he was the only who had the resolve and was capable person to stand on equal footing as Sasuke. That’s why she made the request to Naruto, to bring Sasuke back.

Sakura as a Chunnin

Haruno Sakura
Haruno Sakura

When Naruto failed to bring Sasuke back Sakura realized that Naruto’s strength alone won’t be enough, also she does not wanted to stay as a person who can’t do anything and hence she requested Tsunade to trained her, at that time she learn medical ninjutsu and taijutsu which is based on the chakra control. During her training days, we confirmed that Sakura was more suitable to be a medical ninja instead of being a combat type ninja, but Tsunade wanted to make Sakura capable, so she taught her how to fight and defend herself. That’s how she grew strong.

Sakura during war and Sakura as a Jonin

In war Sakura unleashed the Byakugou mark and gave a great amount of support as a medical ninja and defeated juubi clones with her strength. Thanks to her precise chakra control in which she was specialized, she controlled her Byakugou precisely.

Haruno Sakura - Top 5 Hated Characters
Haruno Sakura

As a Jonin in Boruto Naruto the Movie and The last Naruto the Movie Sakura did not get much screen time but she showed some great amount of skill. Especially in The last Naruto the Movie Sakura took the front lines with Naruto and others.As a Shinobi, Sakura showed a great character development but from our analysis we think, that as a person Sakura never really showed any development and here is the explanation for that :-

Sakura as a person

Being a kid, Sakura not talking with Ino and maintaining her distance from her is understandable, because that usually what happens between kids. Its like – “You are my rival so i won’t talk with you!” although they grew closer as friends and later became good friends. As a genin she was studious and smart but at the same time she was also having a huge attitude problem and was always sticking to Sasuke, to be honest that was annoying.

Sakura Haruno - Inner Sakura
Sakura Haruno – Inner Sakura

During actual battle she was not able to do anything because her combat abilities were lacking, However Ino was also not a combat type but she was able to cope up with it because she had her mind transfer justsu to back it up. And Sakura who only had chakra control and ability to dispel a genjutsu was not able to use it for combat. But that’s not the reason to defend her, because like Tenten, Sakura never really tried to master any justu or tried to explore new techniques or tried to find her specialty to get strong, until Tsunade trained her.

Sakura never tried to understand Sasuke as well as Naruto, She was always sticking to Sasuke and her blind love was making her so blind that she overlooked the cause that was troubling Sasuke. After 2 years she tried to confront Sasuke at orochimaru’s hideout but was lacking in resolve so it was clear that she was hesitating and that thing never changed when she confronted him the second time. Despite having the power and the brute strength she did not do anything to bring Sasuke back.

Sakura Haruno - crying
Sakura Haruno – crying

In case of Naruto when as a gennin Sakura requested Naruto to bring Sasuke back because he was the only one who was capable of doing that at that time. But she realized that Naruto’s strength won’t be enough and she also want to lend hand, also she does not wanted to stay as a person who can’t do anything and hence she requested Tsunade to trained her. However because of all that effort she did, she indeed grew stronger but her resolve to face Sasuke was lacking because of which she was not able to do anything.

So the burden on Naruto’s shoulder kept on increasing, however Naruto never really said anything to her because he did not wanted that Sakura should think that, its all happening because of her weak resolve and more than that he did not wanted Sakura to bear all the hatred that Sasuke has so he kept quite. But on Sakura’s part it becomes clear that she did not even realized Naruto’s feelings and she blindly trusted him because she knew that he would bring Sasuke back but at the same time she forgot that her blind trust is increasing the burden on Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 459 - Sakura

That Burden would have not lifted if Sai didn’t told her Naruto’s feelings and what he was thing about Naruto and what he was thinking about Sasuke. She tried to take off the burden from Naruto’s shoulder by falsely confessing him but Naruto looked straight through her lies and realized that she should never confront Sasuke and instead took the job of confronting Sasuke which she is not capable of doing.


During this thorough analysis, we found out that Sakura has a great potential as a shinobi but she never tried to explore that potential and never tried to find her specialty until Tsunade trained her. Despite having a great mind she could not take correct decisions regarding Sasuke, Despite having strength she was hesitating to fight Sasuke. Whenever it came to Naruto and Sasuke, she never really tried to understand them both and she emotionally tried to gauge what’s right and what’s wrong.

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So basically she is an emotional type of shinobi, She is useful in situations which are not personal or situations which are not related to Sasuke but when it comes to Sasuke she is useless and cannot make any move or decision. Sakura was more like there to balance out the cause for Naruto to bring Sasuke back and as a shinobi she had potential but she always needed someone to give her push until she was capable of doing things for which Tsunade filled the place.


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