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Sarada Uchiha – 10 Interesting facts worth knowing!!

Sarada Uchiha – As the title says this time we’re going to see top 10 worth knowing facts about Sarada Uchiha, Last time we wrote similar article on Boruto Uzumaki, which went viral and after that we got many request on our official Facebook page to write an article on Sarada Uchiha, So those who requested us, this is for you guys!!

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10 interesting facts about Sarada Uchiha

01. Sarada Uchiha has no birth record in Konoha Village

Sarada Uchiha - as a baby
Sarada Uchiha – as a baby

In the MangaNaruto Gaiden : Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, it was mentioned that Sarada was born outside the village of Konoha, when Sakura and Karin were searching for Sasuke who was on “Top secret mission.” The delivery of Sakura was done by Karin who were present there with Sakura at that time. That’s why there is no birth record of Sarada in the village.

o2. Sarada Uchiha is elite genin just like Boruto

Sarada Uchiha - With Family
Sarada Uchiha – With Family

Just like Boruto Uzumaki Sarada is able to master complex and high level techniques in short amount of time. Thanks to her talent which she genetically inherited form her mother and her father. However, unlike Boruto Uzumaki she doesn’t brag about her skills and on top of that she is not arrogant. Sarada also inherited keen and sharp mind from her mother Sakura, because of which she is able to quickly analyze her opponents abilities and weakness.

03. Sarada Uchiha is the only person after Itachi who quickly adjusted to the power of Sharingan the moment she awakened it

Sarada Uchiha - Sharingan
Sarada Uchiha – Sharingan

When Itachi awakened the Sharingan, he was able to adjust to the power of sharingan the moment he awakened it, Its the same thing with Sarada, she awakened her Sharingan and quickly adjusted to it. Even her father Sasuke was not capable of such feat. Although he awakened Sharingan during the battle with Haku and used it but that brief amount of usage took a toll on his body which added more stress on his chakra networks.

04. Sarada Uchiha inherited the power of Indra and is capable of releasing Yin Power

Sarada Uchiha - Yin release
Sarada Uchiha – Yin release

Sarada inherited the power of Indra from Sasuke and is capable of doing Yin release. In addition to that she also has lightening release just like her father which she can fuse with Fuuma Shuriken or Demon wind Shuriken to create a lightening flash technique.

05. Sarada Uchiha is capable of using Sharingan Genjutsu

Sarada Uchiha - Genjutsu
Sarada Uchiha – Genjutsu

Although Sarada’s Sharingan is not fully awakened, she is so skilled with the use of her Sharingan to that extent where she can use genjutsu on her opponents and dispel it at her own free will. She awakened Sharingan at the age of 11.

06. Sarada Uchiha can precisely control her chakra without training

Sarada Uchiha - Shinobi Mode
Sarada Uchiha – Shinobi Mode

When Sarada was academy class Shinobi she was already capable of controlling her chakra precisely that allowed her to use Tsunde and Sakura’s brute force taijutsu and she did this all without training.

07. Sarada Uchiha is skilled with weapons just like her father

Sarada Uchiha - Shurikenjutsu
Sarada Uchiha – Shurikenjutsu

Sarada is skilled with weapons just like Sasuke, but her specialty is Shurikenjustsu and she is able to use it astute precision. Her Shurikenjutsu are already at the level of Jonin, thus she surpasses Sasuke in terms of that.

08. Sarada Uchiha likes to read a lot its her hobby

Sarada Uchiha - Hokage Dream
Sarada Uchiha – Hokage Dream

Sarada Uchiha likes to read a lot and her favorite genres are History and Mystery Genre (Looks like Kishimoto loves to play with words :D). However she is more keen to know about history of her village and she always tries to research about it just like her uncle Itachi. (Sasuke should learn something from her)

 09. Sarada Uchiha’s personality is like Sakura however most of her facial looks are like Sasuke

Sarada Uchiha - Shanaaaroo
Sarada Uchiha – Shanaaaroo

Sarada uchiha as i said, her personality is like Sakura and most of her facial looks is like Sasuke. Oh! So now we got a character that looks like Sasuke and acts like Sakura? Oh well..

10. The name Sarada has two different meaning

Sarada and Sasuke
Sarada and Sasuke

Sarada the name has two meaning, first meaning is Salada a portugese word for Salad which is pronounced in Japanese as Sarada and the other meaning is the name of Hindu goddess”Saraswati” also known as “Sarada devi” which is mentioned in the ancient Indian Hindu Mythology.

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