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Studio Fantasia enters Bankruptcy – helped in animation of Fate/Zero

Studio Fantasia Enters Bankruptcy

Studio Fantasia enters Bankruptcy – According to Tokyo Shoko Research, Studio fantasia enters bankruptcy due to owing 190 Million Yen ($1.68 Million) to 50 different creditors.

Studio Fantasia enters Bankruptcy – Details on this issue

As i mentioned earlier, Studio Fantasia has filed for Bankruptcy due to owing 190 Million Yen debt to 50 different countries. The studio was founded in 1983 and co-produced anime series like “Aim fo rthe top! Gunbusters” and “Ganiax.” And even anime series like “Accel World,” and “Fate/Zero.” In short the studio was more like a popular means/outsource for co-producing anime series.

Studio Fantasia Enters Bankruptcy  - Anime Fate Zero
Studio Fantasia Enters Bankruptcy – Anime Fate Zero

They also made their own works which includes, Project A-ko 3, Aika and stratos 4. However their last anime series came in the year 2008 which was “Glass Maiden” and their last OVA came in the year 2013 which was “Nozoki Ana.” The studio has been filed for Bankruptcy On November 16th, President Tomohisa Iizuka officially revealed the news to the press :-

“I have received statement of Bankruptcy from the Tokyo District Court.”

The company had capital stock value of 3 Million yen in 2006 and the company had annual income of approximately 384 Million Yen at its height. However in the year 2015, it was reported that its annual income fell down and approximately to the cost of 100 Million Yen because of worsening of cash flow. There was no proper support to maintain the cash flow and it affected the overall business thus leading to the bankruptcy.

News Source – Tokyo Shoko Research

Considering that Studio Fantasia, helped in creating Anime Series like Fate/Zero and Accel World, gives us a clear indication how much popular this studio was as a outsource for co-producing anime series and in between animation. And Despite its stable working state, Fantasia studio enters bankruptcy this month gives us a clear example of how tough is the Anime Industry in Japan.

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