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Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today!!

Top 07 Popular Manga that were totally different – Managas like One Piece, Dragonball Naruto etc. are lot popular today among the all mainstream shounen series. But there are few things that are not known to many of the people about these popular series. So in this article we will see top 07 popular manga which turned out to be completely different then what they are now!

Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today

01. One Piece

Top 07 Popular Manga - One Piece as Romance Dawn
Top 07 Popular Manga – One Piece as Romance Dawn

One Piece Manga was originally titled as Romance Dawn, in which the main character “Luffy” became pirate for fun. There was no treasure of One Piece and no Pirate King. Luffy as a character was more tonned, However the title was changed to One Piece and the original title Romance Dawn became the title of the first chapter. There was character named “Silk” who had similar character design as Nami and she was supposed to be the bodyguard of Pirate Buggy. Sanji was named as Naruto. But JUMP rejected the name because Kishimoto had already made a manga based on that Name.

02. Dragon Ball

Top 07 Popular Manga - Dragon ball as Dragon Boy
Top 07 Popular Manga – Dragon ball as Dragon Boy

Dragon ball was originally titled as Dragon boy, where the main character’s name was Tanton and he had bat wings, that would evolve into a Monkey tailed boy Goku, whom we are all aware of. The series also featured an artifact on Dragon balls that was useless for the story. The dragon balls in the Manga dragon boy used to summon a sad little dragon whenever they were hit by energy blast. In the series Tanton escorts a princess to her country and that princess had strong resemblance to the Bulma we know today. The only difference that she had a black hair like chi chi. Many of the martial arts elements were taken from Dragon boy into Dragon ball manga.

03. Bleach

Top 07 Popular Manga - Original Bleach Manga
Top 07 Popular Manga – Original Bleach Manga

Bleach overall had a same story, but there are minor differences that are worth mentioning. First Orihime was supposed to die, Second Ichigo’s friends other than Chad, Orihime and Ishida, were supposed to awaken their own special powers but Shueisha told Tite Kubo to hurry up and introduce the Shinigami. Aizen real death was different, in fact he was supposed to die in a different way and Gin & Urahara were the main villains of the series. Finally, Ichigo’s hair were black instead of Orange!

04. Naruto

Top 07 Popular Manga - Original Naruto Manga
Top 07 Popular Manga – Original Naruto Manga

As we are all aware of this fact that Naruto was supposed to be a RAMEN Manga, however Kishimoto made it a Manga based on Ninja’s life. But even before that Kishimoto launched a prototype Manga of Naruto which had no connection to Ninjas. In the prototype, Naruto as a demon fox take shape of a human boy with a quest to make friends in the human world. His father Kurama attacked the village and caused lots of death and destruction, The village chief was the sole survivor of the Nine powerful Shinobis who fought Naruto’s father Kurama and defeated him. The chief took pity on Naruto and allowed him to be raised in the village. Similar to current series Naruto in original story was having problems making friends and so village chief assigned him task to make friends, in hopes that Naruto won’t become like his father Kurama and friendship will put him on a good path.

05. Attack of the Titan

Top 07 Popular Manga - Attack of the titan Original Manga
Top 07 Popular Manga – Attack of the titan Original Manga

The original “Attack of the Titan” Manga was completely different than what we know today. The plot of the Attack of the Titan Volume 0 is like this :- Eren was aware of the fact that he had a Titan power and he can transform into the Titan whenever he wants. The maneuvering gear used in attack of the titan series that was developed to fight against Titans didn’t existed in the original series. The volume 0 concluded the series with all the characters dying at the end to add more shock to the series. The plot of the Volume 0 was written by the author at the age of 19.

Bonus – When the current attack of the titan manga was launched the character “Sasha Blouse” known as Potato girl in the series was supposed to die and her death was so brutal that the editor of the Manga literally cired and became depressed. The author later changed that scenario and made her live.

06. D-Gray Man

Top 07 Popular Manga - D-Gray Man as Zone
Top 07 Popular Manga – D-Gray Man as Zone

D-Gray Man Manga was originally titled as Zone, where the main character Allen walker was in fact a girl named Robin, yes you read that right! and General Ross’s weapon was similar to Allen’s weapon in the current version. Lavi was originally supposed to be the main character of the different Manga called Bookman. But the idea was dropped and he was brought into the D-Gray Man Manga.

07. Pokemon

Top 07 Popular Manga - Pokemon
Top 07 Popular Manga – Pokemon

Ash’s original partner in the original Manga was clefairy and not Pikachu. This was supposed to make the Manga more engaging. But when the series became ready for TV Anime the marketing team decided that clefairy isn’t cuddly enough and the later changed it to Pikachu. The series was supposed to cover Kanto region only with Ash defeating Garry and winning the Pokemon League but because of popularity it was extended and eventually Ash was going to become Pokemon master by winning the Pokemon League but it was extended even more and still Ash has not won and he has not became pokemon master even after 2 decades.

That’s it for today, while writing this article i was searching for suitable images, and noticed that Goboiano has written a similar article on their website. So in short what i wanted to say is this article is not really a copied one but it was in fact a coincidence that both the articles were same. They have even covered facts about Death Note which i request you to read if you are interested – Goboiano’s article.

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