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Top 10 hated Anime characters by fans all over the world Part 2

Top 10 hated anime characters part 2

Top 10 hated anime characters part 2 – So as i promised earlier, that i would write a second part of Top 10 hated anime characters, this time we will cover more anime characters that are hated by fans all over the world. However the list is too big so if any character is not in the list then he will definitely be there in another part

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Top 10 hated anime characters part 02

This list is made according to my opinion, so some of you may agree with it and some of you may not agree with it. Hence for that reason please excuse me if your favorite hated characters doesn’t come in the list.

01. Uchiha Sasuke – Naruto Shippuden

Uchiha Sasuke - Top 5 Hated Characters
Uchiha Sasuke – Naruto Shippuden

After everyone read the part 1 of this list, they asked me where is Sasuke Uchiha? however its not liked i forgot to add him. Actually at that time Haruno Sakura was in the list already and i was avoiding to add to characters from the same anime series. That’s why for now he is first in the list of Top 10 hated anime characters part 02, However i personally hate him too!

My reason for hating sasuke is not because he is ignorant or doesn’t care about anyone or always talk about hatred and revenge. I really started hating him because one decision he took, and that was reviving old kages through edo tensei and trying to find and gain information of shinobi word from past old kages.

When he did that i was like “damn Sasuke why didn’t you thought of this earlier?” Sasuke’s character was calm and calculating at start, he made decisions on analysis and never let his emotions take over his mind. He could have used his brain earlier to create a thorough analysis, on why his brother whom he was so close with, destroyed the clan and the family.

He knew his brother was kind and if he has taken such extreme step there might be a reason behind his actions. I know he was a kid when he saw annihilation of his family and clan and that drove him to revenge so he joined with orouchimaru. But he separated from him two years later after he was a grown up, using his own mind and strength. At that time he had enough brain to research everything but he did not do it. When Itachi died and he got to know truth, and he once again let his emotions take over and he started talking about taking revenge on konoha, and then Edo Itachi had to help him once again so that he can make his own decisions, and that’s when he decided to see the past hokages.

My reaction to whole thing was like if you could have used your brain more efficiently like you always use it while you fight. You could have solved this problem earlier. But then again he came with great idea called revolution and dictatorship. Sasuke’s character was smart but as the series progressed it became more and more dumb, a little thinking and research could have given sasuke all answers he needs and the shinobi world could have been saved earlier than it was planned. And now at the end he blames entire shinobi world for not solving the problem.

However he got good character development after the war and final fight ended, and then he played a big role in Boruto : Naruto the Movie. So his new behavior and the overall character development has now made him a likable character.

02. Tomoo – Elfen Lied

Tomoo - Elfen Lied
Tomoo – Elfen Lied

He is cute right? well he is not that cute as you think, don’t be fooled by his looks, he was a leader and member of bully group who later died! Its better to see it with your own eyes, rather than me explaining the reason on why he is hated by everyone.

And because of this reason i think he should deserve the 2nd place in the list of Top 10 hated anime characters part 02. Well technically he was the first but since everyone recommended me to add Uchiha Sasuke on the first place, i decided to put this guy on the second place!!

03. Amano Yukiteru – Mirai Nikki

Amano Yukiteru - Mirai Niki
Amano Yukiteru – Mirai Niki

I am a type of person who respects the main character a lot however there are only two main characters who made me hate them first one is Itou Makoto from School days anime and the other one is this guy, Amano Yukiteru. However rather than being hated Amano Yukiteru is nothing more than a shame for me. The reason – Every main character do knows how to act on his own and how to take decision but this guy is not capable of doing any of those things.

He always depends on Yuno to survive and he always asks Yuno to kill people for him. He is the type of guy who would even abandon his friends when its time to survive in a life or death situation. Also he says to people that, when he becomes god he is going to revive people that died, however hat doesn’t happen because he wallows in his own pity for f***ing 10,000 years!! Also, not to forget, he is a scardy cat! For me he deserves 3rd place in the list of top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

04. Slain Troyard – Aldnoah Zeri

Slaine Troyard - Aldnoah Zero
Slaine Troyard – Aldnoah Zero

From where i can start the rant about this amazingly stupid character called “Slaine Troyard” from Aldnoah zero. I guess i will give a quick summary on his entire life which is enough to know why i hate him and why he is on the 4th place in the list of Top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

Slaine Troyard is a character who crash lands on mars during his space expedition, he is saved by the princess of the holy verse empire and from then onward he pledged her loyalty. Although throughout his life this guy was treated as a trash by the members of the holy verse empire, except for the princess who saved him. That’s why he remains loyal to the empire, even after being treated as trash. However after the Assassination (which was failed) of princess he vowed to take vengeance on the people who tried to assassinate her.

Eventually he finds out that the princess is alive and does his best to rescue her. However at the end princess is shot by a person from the verse empire and, what slaine did afterwards? – He shot the person who tried to protect her, instead of the person who shot her! From then onward his personality goes through a complete change!

05. Akainu Sakazuki – One Piece

Akainu Sakazuki - One Piece
Akainu Sakazuki – One Piece

Although he is second most hated character in One Piece after Marshal D. Teach a.k.a Blackbeard first let me applaud Eiichiro Oda for making a character like Akainu. Everyone hates Blackbeard but when it comes to Akainu everyone hates him to death!! Although Akainu is on the side of world government that supports the side of Justice. But he is the type of person who would go to any level to achieve his desired justice and he will kill everyone that comes in his way no matter if they are his friends, or even his allies. However he is hated for one Major reason and that reason iis – death of Portogas D. Ace!!

06. Marshal D. Teach – One Piece

Marshal D. Teach - One Piece
Marshal D. Teach – One Piece

Marshal D. Teach nicknamed as Blackbeard is a character based on real life pirate whose name was also Blackbeard. Blackbeard from One Piece and the Tomoo guy i mentioned earlier, is the perfect definition for the word called “scum.” Blackbeard a.k.a Marshall D. Teach killed member of his own crew for purpose of power and he was the one responsible for the death of Portogas D. Ace and he is hated for that reason. But i hate him because despite he is the antagonist of the series, this guy is a complete pussy and is dependent on the power of devil fruit. He is the type of guy who would easily runaway leaving his crew behind if someone stronger than him appeared and beat the shit out of him. He has a scary look on his face but probably that’s just for masking his cowardliness.

07. Shido Kyoichi – High School of the Dead

Kyoichi Shido - High School of the Dead
Kyoichi Shido – High School of the Dead

Before Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword art Online he was the owner of the title of “Ultimate Sucm.” There is no words to describe in idiotic behavior. Which makes him the suitable person to be the leader of any religious cult. He was pressurized by his father and was forced to flunk his student but at the same time he deluded himself and created his own ideal world and influenced other students thus forming a shido cult. He comes on the 7th place in the list of top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

08. Griffith – Beserk (1996)

Griffith - Berserk
Griffith – Berserk

Griffith is a character from Berserk (1996) old anime series. He was good character at the start but he fucked up everything at the end. He sacrificed his own followers allies and friends to demon army and even raped his best friend’s girlfriend in front of his best friend Guts. This is something that’s etched forever in my heart and i can’t really forgive him for what he did. He comes on the 8th place in the list of top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

09. Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan - DBZ
Mr. Satan – DBZ

Annoying that’s all i can say for him, he might be good in some cases but he is absolutely annoying. Toriyama added him for purpose of comedy in the series but as the series progresses this guy becomes dumb and dumb. Although Goku and friends are just using him as means to hide their identity but he acts like he has saved the world thousands of time even in front of Goku and his friends and that’s what makes me angry about him! He comes on the 9th place in the list of top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

10. Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame ga Kill
Seryu Ubiquitous – Akame ga Kill

A Psycho killer with pseudo justice ideals, who is wrapped insider her own sense of Justice so deep that she is unable to see what’s wrong and what’s right. Every hates her for killing Shelle and more than that they hate for her annoying rant of Justice! She comes on the 10th place in the list of top 10 hated anime characters part 2.

Well that’s it for now! This list is actually pretty big i have characters lined up one after the other and will make an another part soon!! If your favorite hated character is not in the list, don’t worry because it will be covered in the next part. Till then stay tuned! And also if you are interested in checking out part one, then check this link – Read the part 1 of the post : TOP 10 anime characters hated by fans all around the world part 1.

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