Top 10 Naruto Characters whom we have not seen in Action!!

Top 10 Naruto characters whom we have not seen in action – As the title suggest this article contains the list of the major characters who have got less screentime or no screentime at all. Also these are the people whom we have not seen in action yet!

Top 10 Naruto Characters whom we have not seen in Action

Note – In the list of “Top 10 Naruto characters whom we have not seen in action” the characters are not arranged according to any kind of ranking or order.

01. Uchiha Fugaku

Naruto Shippuden Episode 452 - Uchiha Fugaku
Uchiha Fugaku

Uchiha Fugaku – The former leader of Uchiha clan and Konoha Police Force, possessed a Mangekyou Sharingan and was strong, So much that even Itachi was not sure that he would defeat him or not! Considering his stature, he was respected leader and only appeared in Itachi’s past story. However we still don’t know nothing about his abilities and what he could do.

02. Uchiha Mikoto

Uchiha Mikoto
Uchiha Mikoto

Uchiha Mikoto – Wife of Uchiha Fugaku and Mother of Itachi and Sasuke, She appeared in Kushina’s past and Itachi’s past as a housewife and kind and cheerful woman, however we know next to nothing about her abilities and capabilites as a shinobi.

03. Hatake Sakumo

Hatake Sakumo
Hatake Sakumo

Hatake Sakumo – Nicknamed as “White Fang” of leaf, he was a shinobi who was said to be stronger then the legendary sannins and was highly regarded as genius. However during a certain mission, he gave secret of village in exchange for saving the life of his friends and was later scorned by the people for taking such actions. Feeling guilty, he comitted suicide by his own hands. A Character so strong, but we never got to see him in action, Hatake Sakumo appeared only once in Naruto Shippuden.

04. The entire Uzumaki clan

The uzumaki clan
The uzumaki clan

The senju clan and uzumaki clan were distant relatives, uzumaki clan wasd feared for their sealing technique and because of this reason many nations banded together to destroy one clan. An awesome clan to like that definitely needs some background story.

05. Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Clan - Kushina Uzumaki
Kushina Uzumaki

Uzumaki Kushina, the survivor of the Uzumaki clan was born with chakra strong enough to supress Kyuubi. She was brought to leaf village as a next Jinchuriki. Later she married to Naruto’s father Minato Namikaze who was also the fourth hokage of the hidden leaf village. Although she appeared so many times in Naruto shippuden and even in Naruto : Road to Ninja Movie, yet we only know that she can put a chain barrier to supress kyuubi and we don’t know anything about the rest of her abilites as a shinobi.

06. Uzumaki Mito

Uzumaki Mito
Uzumaki Mito

Uzumaki Mito – Wife of first Hokage appears in Kushina’s past, she was the first Jinchuriki of Kyuubi and had great powers to supress the huge tail beast chakra. She was from Uzumaki clan so its obvious that she excels in sealing technique. However apart from sealing kyuubi and becoming the first Jinchuriki, we don’t know anything about her and her past and her abilities as Shinobi.

07. katou Dan

Katou Dan
Katou Dan

Katou Dan – We don’t know anything about him apart from that he was Tsunade’s lover who died in war and his dream was to become Hokage. He was later revived as edo tensei and in Fourth great ninja war and was capable of doing spirit manipulation justu or ghost transformation jutsu. Dan as a character was great impact on Tsunade’s character development and that’s why he deserves a little back story.

08. Nohara Rin

Rin Nohara
Rin Nohara

Rin Nohara – She appeared in Obito’s and Kakashi’s past story. Rin was a medical ninja and was Jinchuriki of Sanbi who later died comitting suicide at the hands of Kakashi’s chidori. Well apart from that we don’t know anything about her and her abilities as a shinobi.

09. Nawaki


Nawaki –  Younger brother of Tsunade (fifth hokage) was a gennin who died in war. However, we don’t know anything about his life and his background.

10. Kurenai

Yuuhi Kurenai
Yuuhi Kurenai

Yuuhi Kurenai – Kurenai actually fought only once in Naruto and that was against Itachi, she later appeared in filler but never really did anything. All we know that she is specialized in Genjutsu, later in Naruto shippuden she became Sarutobi Asuma’s wife and then became pregnant with his child. She never got that much of a screen time and she never fought in Naruto Shippuden.

That’s it for now, so according to me these are the Top 10 Naruto characters whom we have not seen in action. More such recommendations will come in near future till then stay tuned!!

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