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Top 20 Secret Agent Anime or Spy Anime series of all time!!

Secret agent anime

Top 20 Secret Agent Anime Until now we have done many similar recommendations which includes top 10 political brain game anime series and top 22 mind game anime series. This time we are going to recommend you something similar or you could say that its related to these above similar recommendations we did earlier. So lets get to it – These are the top 20 secret agent anime series.

Top 20 Secret Agent Anime Series

Finding the best secret agent/spy anime series among the list of anime series. Because this particular genre is like a rare gem in the world of anime and its something which is not available in the abundant amount.

PS – The anime list is not arranged according to their rankings or any kind of order. Its just an arranged list of anime series which contains top 20 secret agent anime series of all time.

Top 20 Secret Agent Anime
Top 20 Secret Agent Anime
  • 01. Joker Game
  • 02. Golgo 13
  • 03. City Hunter
  • 04. Angel Heart
  • 05. Heavy Object
  • 06. Alison to Lillia
  • 07. Senkou No Night Raid
  • 08. Darker than Black
  • 09. 009-1
  • 10. Mobile Suit Gundam : Iron Blooded Orphans
  • 11. Ghost in the Shell series
  • 12. Eden of East
  • 13. Noir
  • 14. Ready or die
  • 15. Yakushiji Ryoko
  • 16. Najica Blitz Tactics
  • 17. Government crime investigation agent – Zaizen Jotaro
  • 18. Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman
  • 19. Agent Aika and Aika ZERO.
  • 20. Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Extra – Detective conan : Detective conan is not a really spy/secret agent anime series. However the series do have secret agents in them and these guys are FBI. So if you have not watch Detective conan you might give it a try, i am sure you will like it although allow me to warn you – The anime series is just long as One Piece.

I am personally searching for more such secret agent/spy anime series. So if you guys know about more secret agent/spy anime series then do recommend me, i will watch them and soon make a new recommendation list or you could say that i will make part 2 of this recommendation list


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