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Top 6 Dark Webtoons Series that you must read right now!!

Top 6 dark webtoons

Top 6 Dark webtoons Series – Well yesterday i wrote about top 16 terrifying anime not meant for kids or people with weak heart. Today we’re going to talk about some webtoons which are even darker than those 16 anime series which i recommended yesterday. So lets talk about these top 6 Dark webtoons series.

Top 6 Dark webtoons series that you must read

Note : The series are not arranged according to rankings or any kind of order, Its just a list which comprises Top 6 Webtoon series, so lets get ahead embrace the darkness!!

01. Hive

Webtoon - Hive
Webtoon – Hive

Korea is is overtaken and dominated by some giant mosquitoes that infects humans by throwing some gross juice on them by marking as their prey. Majority of humanity just fight to survive, but our protagonist in the series is fighting to travel around the world for something more important than just surviving like many other humans do in the series. He is faced with constant setbacks and eventually failing in trusting others, the protagonist just has one thing in mind and that is to save his family.

Ratings – 9.48/10

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02. Distant sky

Webtoon - Distant Sky
Webtoon – Distant Sky

Distant sky a series which ingeniously plays with light and dark counterparts and mess with peoples view on priorities and safeties that everyone takes for granted nowadays. A boy wakes up in a dark room full of dead bodies covered in ash while his throat burning. Constant thoughts running into his mind like “Where am i?” with different types of bugs are trying to bury themselves in flesh and most importantly where is the sky?

PS – Read it with lights on 

Ratings – 9.46/10

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03. Dead days

Webtoon - Dead days
Webtoon – Dead days

Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus broke out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Another zombie apocalypse series for Zombie apocalypse and survival theme lovers

Ratings – 9.57/10

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04. Shriek

Webtoon - Shriek
Webtoon – Shriek

Prepare to swallow your screams. This horror anthology is loaded with special effects for maximum scare. Hollywood horror movies resurrected as webtoons!!

Ratings – 9.82/10

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05. Bastard

Webtoon - Bastard
Webtoon – Bastard

This webtoon is about a boy who is a son of a serial killer, trying to escape from the messy and bloody life, in which he was born and has been living. This is a different kind of thriller series, which will make you question about all the things you’re fighting against, in your life.

Ratings – 9.82/10

(Source – (List – Top 6 dark webtoon series)

06. Elena

Webtoon - Elena
Webtoon – Elena

This webtoon is about an unusual love story, which tells you new story every time. It has a distinct vintage feeling to it but allow me to warn you firsthand – after reading this you will feel like there is a giant hole in your heart (Just like Uchiha Obito) which will make you feel bad for days.

Ratings – 9.44/10

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Well that’s it for now, to be honest this was the first time i have recommended some webtoons to anyone because i read these all above mentioned series for the first time in my life. All the ratings are giving according to the official source If you’re interested in reading webtoons you should refer that source!

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