Vegeto SSJ Blue Appearance in super series

Vegeto SSJ Blue was planned or is it because of the fans wishes?

Vegeto SSJ Blue is something that everyone wanted to see, ever since Dragon ball super anime brought the concept of Super saiyan god. However even before that fans wanted to see Vegeto once more, if i am right  when Vegeto appeared in Buu saga in Dragon ball Z we never witnessed his full capabilities and that’s why fandom was crazy for Vegeto. When Dragon ball super started, and SSJ Blue came the wish for seeing Vegeto increased.

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With how the Future trunks arc was progressing we all speculated that Vegeto is the only one who could beat fused Zamasu and yesterday’s Dragon ball super Episode 65 was the testament for that, because even Goku and Vegeta working together to defeat Fused Zamasu was not enough.

Vegeto SSJ Blue - Kamehameha!
Vegeto SSJ Blue – Kamehameha!

On top of it wish to see Vegeto once more was getting stronger as the episode was progressing. Finally the preview of Dragon ball Super Episode 66 confirmed the arrival of Vegeto in Dragon ball Super.

One thing which struck me hard made me wonder that, everyone’s speculations and theory regarding Vegeto’s appearance became true, How in the world is that even possible? I think, Dragon ball Super animation staff is actually considering what the whole fandom wants and is delivering content according to it. They planned the entire sequence after they saw what fans want.

Vegeto SSJ Blue Sequence Planning theory

The original plan to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black was sealing them with Mafuba, However when Goku finished learning technique he was carrying one Mafuba Jar with him. So if he were going to seal them, there were two options available – First seal them together in the Jar, but that would have not been possible even for Goku because combined strength of Zamasu and Goku Black would be too much for him to handle.

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Therefore there was only one option and that was sealing them one by one. However to seal them one by one it was necessary to keep the Mafuba Jar open.

Vegeto SSJ Blue transformation
Vegeto SSJ Blue transformation

So if Goku were to seal them one by one, After sealing one person he would have used Mafuba on other and by that time other person would have escaped. Since Mafuba takes very long time to seal a person, that time would be enough for other person to escape.  This is one of the biggest weakness of Mafuba when its used on two person at once, hence the idea of Mafuba was rejected by showing Goku forgetting to take the talisman seal with him which is required to complete the sealing technique.

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What i mean is Mafuba was not an option to defeat Zamasu. Instead they used Mafuba as a catalyst for Goku Black and Zamasu’s fusion so that they can become a better adversary that Goku and Vegeta cannot handle. so this way they can fuse and become Vegeto, and to help that fusion they made Gowasu and Shin appear in the future trunks timeline so they can become a necessary key for Vegeto’s appearance.

Reasoning based on theory

Since Gogeta appeard in Dragon ball Z – Fusion Reborn but it never appeared in the episodes of Dragon ball Z, that’s why many people think that Gogeta is someone that doesn’t belong to original canon story of Dragon ball Z. And since Vegeto never a chance to show his full powered abilities a lot of people wanted to see more of Vegeto.

Vegeto SSJ Blue Appearance in super
Vegeto SSJ Blue Appearance in super

This situation never changed, in fact ever since Goku and Vegeta were capable of achieving SSJ Blue transformation, various fan arts of Vegeto in SSJ Blue form surfaced all over the internet. To be honest i think the fandom is crazy about Vegeto more than Gogeta and the animation staff of Dragon ball super realized that and made story sequence in which Vegeto can appear in his full glory and show what he is capable of.

Wrapping up

Well this is what i really think about this whole Vegeto appearance, all that because the preview of Dragon ball super Episode 66 was too straight forward!!

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