Clannad New Project is being teased for AnimeJapan 2017

Clannad New Project – AnimeJapan is one of the biggest anime conventions that take place every year and new anime and sequels get announced during the event. This time clannad series is going to get its own announcement. The details of the announcement are still in dark but we can always speculate few possible options.

Clannad New Project Details

Clannad New Project
Clannad New Project

According to Clannad is going to get a special announcement at AnimeJapan 2017. We will have to wait till March 2017 to find out what this new project is going to be. However, as i said earlier that we can speculate few possible options for this new project.

Clannad New Project Speculations

The very first thing comes to out mind is, “The spin-off” anime, but the possibility of clannad getting new anime series are almost down to zero, but not zero or you can say, there is a least chance that clannad might get a spin off anime. Other thing that clannad might announce is the new Anime special – Earlier clannad has got two specials titled as, “Another world : Tomoyo chapter” and “Another world : Kyou chapter.” Each chapter focuses on Tomoya dating one of the other girls. So its possible that clannad might announce such type of special episodes. However a full-length spin-off anime is not a bad idea.

Clannad New Project - AnimeJapan 2017
Clannad New Project – AnimeJapan 2017

Chances are that clannad is going to announce a new Anime movie focusing on the events that takes place in the Anime and after the Anime, showing Nagisa and Ushio and Tomoya living as a family together. The safest assumption or speculation one can come up with is – Kyoto Animation remastering the Anime series for cleaner Blu-Ray quality or Key Visual remastering the visual novel of clannad. Clannad might also announce a game but the chances are zero.

Anyways all we can do is wait for the AnimeJapan 2017 event, and since they are choosing such big event to announce that something, there is a highest probability that the announcement is going to be a big one.

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