Code geass Season 3 PV Trailer leaked footage Shows Lelouch’s Revival!!

Code geass Season 3 PV Trailer – As we reported earlier that Code Geass is back with new Code geass season 3 titled as “Revival of Lelouch.” Which is slated for release in 2017!. However were no other details about the news such as the exact release date or a promotional teaser. But¬†recently Code geass season 3 PV Trailer footage was leaked on Youtube and Facebook which shows Lelouch’s Revival.

Code geass Season 3 PV Trailer

Code geass season 3 PV trailer was previewed at some kind of stage event, it was obviously not previewed at Jump Festa 2017, because we would have reported it. The actor dressed as Lelouch introduces the trailer video of Code geass Season 3 with a little solo act at the beginning.

Code Geass Season 3 Key Vsiual
Code Geass Season 3 Key Vsiual

Along with the announcement of Code geass Season 3 a film trilogy was announced too! The trilogy will recap all the 50 episodes of the code geass anime i.e Season 01 and Season 02 combined!.

Not much details about the release of the season 3 is given but we have got details on the plot of Code Geass Season 3. Apparently the main character of the series Lelouch is alive and the story is set several years after Code Geass Zero Requiem. Also the trailer shows that the story is completely new and is not related to the first two seasons of the series. The original season 01 of Code geass Anime was aired in Japan in the year 2006, which had run-time of 25 episodes and the season 02 of Code geass Anime was aired in Japan in the year 2008, which  also had the run-time of 25 episodes in total. Combined together there are 50 episodes of the Anime.

Code Geass also received a 5 part OVA titled as “Akito the Exiled.” Which is in fact a spiff off to the original anime series set between the two season of the Code Geass Anime.

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