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Dragon ball Spin off Manga where Yamcha is the strongest??

Dragon ball Spin off Manga

Dragon ball Spin off Manga Looks like “Akira Toriyama” hates when people makes fun of Yamcha, That’s why this time he decided to give him a new look with new Dragon ball spin off manga that takes place in an alternate world of Dragon ball where Yamcha is strongest of all!

Dragon ball Spin off Manga details

Dragon ball Spinoff Manga - Yamcha the hero
Dragon ball Spin off Manga – Yamcha the hero

Shueisha’s Shounen Jump Plus digital magazine, began publishing a new spin off Dragon ball Manga where Yamcha is the strongest hero of all! The manga is titled as – Dragon ball Gaiden : Yamcha Datta Ken or Dragon ball Side Story : The case of being reincarnated as Yamcha.

The story of the new spin off Manga revolves around a ordinary high school boy who gets transferred to the world of Dragon ball, what’s more he is re-incarnated in the body of Yamcha. As he is aware of what comes ahead in the story, he uses that knowledge and trains hard to make Yamcha the strongest character of the Dragon ball story.

[News Source – Yaraon and Crunchyroll ]

Considering the synopsis of the new Dragon ball Spin off Manga, it sure looks like Akira Toriyama or someone else hates the fact that people makes fun of Yamcha. Ironically, in Dragon ball Super Episode 70, they once again recreated the scene featured in the image given below.

Dragon ball Super Episode 70 - Yamcha scene recreated
Dragon ball Super Episode 70 – Yamcha scene recreated

You can read manga on the official website of Shounen Jump Plus, Although its available in RAW (Not translated) : Dragon ball Gaiden : Yamcha Datta Ken. After reading the first chapter i feel that Akira Toriyama is acting like god and made that ordinary boy Yamcha, so that he improve the image of Yamcha’s character in the world of Drgaon ball.

Although the story feels like its adapted from the perspective of a fan, because there were some times where i used to think. What will happen when i suddenly get transferred into an alternate anime world. This particular perspective of a fan has now been put through some real use. That’s why i think that this manga is interesting! Although it would be good if get translated soon!

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