Dragon ball Super Episode 71 Spoilers – HIT vs Goku Part 1

Dragon ball Super Episode 71 Spoilers – V-Jump revealed some Major spoilers of the upcoming new Dragon ball Super Episode 71. Its all about HIT vs Goku and the spoiler clearly tells who hired HIT to kill Goku. So let me warn you : “From here onward whatever you’re going to read are all spoilers, So read it at your own cost! also if you don’t want to get spoiled please close this article.”

Dragon ball Super Episode 71 Spoilers

Dragon ball Super Episode 71
Dragon ball Super Episode 71

“HIT goes all-out to battle Goku once again!”

Goku dies after his heart takes a direct strike from the assassin’s invisible attack, but he manages to return to life after recieving a shock from a Ki blast he fired immediately before dying. Now Goku’s counter attack begins!

Who hired HIT?

Vados was the one who hired HIT to kill Goku. But it seems she was merely acting as the representative for the HIT’s true client and who in the world could that person be?

Goku has seen through HIT’s technique! What strategy will he use to counter it?

Once again thanks to Herms98 we got a major spoiler update for the upcoming new Dragon ball Super Episode 71. Which also confirms that, Goku would not die in the battle against HIT. The spoiler does mentions that Vados was the one who hired HIT to kill Goku and she is merely acting as a representative of the person who asked her to hire HIT to kill Goku.

That means the only person who could order her to do it the god of destruction “Champa,” since he is the master of Vados its Champa who come under suspicions first. However there could also be another person on the higher level who could have ordered Vados to hire HIT. But since the HIT vs Goku is going to be 2 part episode and not an entire arc introducing a new character in these two episodes is not ok. So its 100% clear now, its champa who is after the life of Goku.

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