Dragon ball super universe survival arc plot revealed and more!!

Dragon ball super universe survival arc plot – Just two days ago we informed the overall schedule of Dragon ball Super between the time period of December and February. In that we also informed that Dragon ball Super will be getting a new arc from 5th February onward, which is titled as the “Dragon ball super Universe survival arc.”

Dragon ball super universe survival arc plot

Dragon ball Super universe survival arc plot and visual
Dragon ball Super universe survival arc plot and visual

Recently the producer of dragon ball super commented on the upcoming new arc, and said it will be a universal martial arts tournament between all the universe, that will suddenly take a drastic turn. Below is the summary of the plot for the upcoming arc. Credit : Herms98

Goku request omni king zeno to start the martial arts tournament between all the universes, but this universal tournament suddenly becomes the beginning of universal destruction! What await victors and what await losers? How will the battle between the elites of each universe will turn out!

What producer has to say about this new arc?


The producer of the dragon ball super give his comment on this upcoming new arc and the overall plot in a recent interview which says :-

Dragon ball Super enters its new chapter, “The universe survival arc.” As you can see it will be a full-throttle story where Goku and the universe 7 warriors form a team to take on the other elite warriors from different universes. Android 17 and Majin Boo will be there too! So i personally can’t contain my excitement at the thought what kind of fights we will get to see! Look forward to this new chapter that will be sure to feature super intense battle along with the non-stop appearance from elite warriors of each universe.

The official twitter account of Dragon ball Super also tweeted about this new arc along with new key visual that also confirms the return of Gohan and Android 17. The tweet also confirms that Akira Toriyama his himself overseeing and writing the plot for this new arc.

2017年2月5日(日)より鳥山明先生原案による新章「宇宙サバイバル編」放送開始!12月17日(土)・18日(日)に幕張メッセで開催されるジャンプフェスタ2017で新章PV公開&新発表も!詳細こちら http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/dragon_s/news/news2016121601.html  #ドラゴンボール超

Translates : Universe survival arc by Akira Toriyama will start broadcasting from 5th February 2017. New arc PV release and announcement will be held at Jump Festa 2017, on Saturday 17th December and Sunday 18th December.

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