Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga chapter 1 – Its actually good!!

Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga Last time we informed about Dragon ball getting a new spin off Manga where Yamcha is the strongest character! We seriously thought that it would be difficult for us to comprehend and review the Manga considering Yamcha as the protagonist and the strongest character of Dragon ball universe.

Although somehow it fit all perfectly! it may sound ridiculous but its true, and it all happened because of one certain factor that the first chapter of Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga tries to convey to their readers. What is that certain factor we will discuss it below.

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Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga Chapter 1 Review

Before getting to the actual review of first chapter let me ask you a question – “What will you do when one day you wake up in a certain anime world as a useless character and you know you’re going to die in near future?” isn’t it obvious – You will try to change that outcome. In this case in the first chapter of Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga, the protagonist has an accident and wakes up in the world of Dragon ball as Yamcha.

Although he is pretty frustrated about this, because, he like Vegeta and Goku, so he thinks, “It would have been good if i had woken up as Goku or Vegeta, why it was Yamcha?” he decides that he won’t die as Yamcha and hence he become determined to make Yamcha as the strongest character so he can live on. And since he is a huge dragon ball fan and knows what will happen to Yamcha in the story he uses that knowledge to change his fate!

This overall logic in fact is based on pretty realistic outlook and its something based on the perspective of a fan. The Manga also referred to the fact that Yamcha and Bulma broke up because Yamcha cheated on Bulma, and so the protagonist who is in Yamcha’s body decides to remains faithful to Bulma. What’s more in his original world he never had a girlfriend, because of which he decides to become a faithful boyfriend to Bulma.

Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga
Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga

When you consider all the not-to-do things that yamcha did and if possible you tried to change that then yamcha will become the best character of Dragon ball. So what i mean is, the protagonist decides to make Yamcha the strongest because, he does not want to die as a useless person and because of that he ends up changing the entire story of Dragon ball.

No matter how ridiculous it sounds this is in fact an obvious outlook which tells us that if we end up as Yamcha then we would do the same thing the protagonist tried do and this is what makes the Manga an interesting thing to read.

One of the good thing they did in this Manga, that they focused only on the main events that happened in the Dragon ball and that’s kinda good, because since here the author is trying to change Yamcha into strongest character things will move at a different pace and at such times its best to focus on the main events that happened in the original series. If the author focused on each and every event of the series then the manga will be dragged and won’t be interesting to read.

Read – Dragon ball Yamcha Spin off Manga chapter 1 English Translated: Here

Wrapping up

To be honest i find this Manga interesting and i really feel that this is awesome because as i said earlier, things are moving different compared to the original story, so even though its old dragon ball, its new to us because now that the protagonist is changed the story will change and the entire story will move to some other unknown dimension which will be honestly and interesting thing to read.

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