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Gintama live action movie teaser is out and it looks epic!!

Gintama live action movie teaser snap

Gintama live action movie Teaser – The long awaited Gintama live action movie teaser is now finally out and it looks way more epic than you think! The official website of Warner Bros Gintama live action movie started streaming the first teaser of Gintama live action movie and it features the main lead Yorozuya team!

Gintama live action movie Teaser

Previously, they revealed the first look of the main Yorozuya team of Gintama, featuring the main characters who will play the role of Kagura, Shinpachi and Gintoki.

Gintama live action movie teaser
Gintama live action movie teaser

Gintama live action movie staff and cast

  • Oguri Shun as Sakata Gintoki
  • Suda Masaki as Shimura Shinpachi
  • Hashimoto Kanna as Kagura
  • Nagasawa Masami as Shimura Tae
  • Okada Masaki as Katsura Kotaro
  • Muro Tsuyoshi as Gengai Hiraga
  • Yagira Yuuya as Hijikata Toshiro
  • Yoshizawa Ryo as Okita Shogo
  • Nakamura Kankurou as Kondo Isao
  • Arai Hirofumi as Okada Nizou
  • Domoto Tsuyoshi as Takasugi Shinsuke
  • Hayami Akari as Murata Tetsuko
  • Nanao as Kijima Makoto
  • Sato Jirou as Takechi Henpeita
  • Yasuda Ken as Murata Tetsuya

The film opens in Japan 2017, Fukada Yuuichi is directing the film and he is also writing the script. He previously worked on the live action of H/K Kamen and Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store.

Sorachi began the Gintama Manga in the year 2004 and still now it continues to be ranked in the top selling manga. The Manga has inspired two television anime series. The manga entered its final arc on July 11 and till now it has sold more then 50 million copies in Japan. Viz Media published first 23 volumes in English and on August 4 i.e today, Shueisha published the 65th volume of Manga.

The manga also inspired two Anime Films first one is Gintama – Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen and the second one is Gintama – Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare and various OVA episodes and event anime.

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