Keijo Anime battle logic

Keijo Anime battle logic – Warner Bros analyzes Vacuum butt canon!!

Keijo Anime battle logic – Keijo the anime of 2016 that made you say *What in the actual f**k is this?” is the number 01 ridiculous anime of this year. Based on a ridiculous water sports where girl fights each other on a floating platform on water using their butt and boobs to push the other girl in to water.

The way as its sounds, you may think that this show is based on a single logic – “Ridiculous is better.” That’s because even though its ridiculous and absurd fans have seen to like this show. Well anyways, so as i said earlier, you may think that this show is based on a single logic other than that there is no logic in this show, but Warner bros com. is here to prove you wrong!

Keijo Anime battle logic

In Keijo anime, there is a forbidden technique called Shinku Rekketsu (Vacuum butt canon), which was not allowed to use, and is banned by the Keijo sports training school, in the Keijo anime,  as it strains user body. But the main character (Nozomi) of the Keijo anime masters that technique and manages to use it and makes the technique her signature skill. Although she is not able to master it completely, the move still puts her body in dangerous condition so there is a certain limit for using that move.

The above video is about explaining how that technique, the host in the video explains how character in the anime uses her body to do that forbidden move. The scientific explanation given in the above video tells that while using the Vacuum butt canon user’s butt reach the speed of 1247 Km/hr. Which is faster than the speed of plane and bullet train. Its quite obvious that its not possible to use Shinku Rekketsu or Vacuum butt canon in real life, but still the explanation the hosts gave in this video is itself quite hilarious.

[Source – ANN and Yaraon]

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