Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage overwhelming response

Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage helping Japanese towns to make Millions!!

Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage – With an overwhelming success of Kimi No Na Wa Movie, Japanese towns in which the movie’s story take place are holding a special anime pilgrimage for fans and are reciving an overwhelming response due to which these fellow towns are earning Millions of dollars.

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Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage Reports

  • The town of Hida where the majority of the story is set, has got an economic boost due to the Kimi No Na Wa Movie Pilgrimages. A news report states that a certain tourist has brought around 18.5 Billion Yen to town’s economy which around $160-164 Million USD.
Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage
Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage
  • The llibary where the main male lead sits for research – “The Hida Library” has been selling the “Holy land Sake” for $29 dollars per bottle i.e 3240 Yen. The sake is a traditional product of the land and has been completely sold out!


Well this is not the only astonishing thing the walking flyover bridge in Tokyo is from the town where “Shinkai” lives and that place is crowded all the time and fans gathering there almost everyday for pilgrimages. However the locals have complained about the noise made by fans who arrives at the place in the early morning. The film production teamed stepped and told the fans to behave in decorum.

Kimi No Na Wa - Pilgrimage and Box office Earnings
Kimi No Na Wa – Pilgrimage and Box office Earnings

Hence the movie related accessories has also seen economic boost because of the increase in selling rates. Making Kimi No Na Wa one of the highest selling animated movies of Japan. Just recently the movie surpassed Studio Ghibli’s princess mononoke, on the Japanese all-time box office. The film was originally projected to make 6 Billion Yen but now has earned over 19.5 Billion Yen thus surpassing princess mononoke who earned 19.3 Billion Yen.

The only movies who are ahead of Kimi No Na Wa’s earning record are Studio Ghibli’s “The Howling Castle” and “Spirited Away.” If we think realistically, then Kimi No Na Wa can surpass The Howling Castle but Spirited Away’s box office records are insurmountable. If you’re interested in reading more about this check this article : Kimi No Na Wa Success Story.

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